A+0+5 Timed free fall: Ball drops 2 meters through electronic timing gate.
  A+0+15 A falling weight accelerates a car horizontally.
  A+0+25 Cork float accelerometer: Cork and water in sealed flask.
  A+0+30 A chain dropped onto a force plate.
  A+0+40 Conical pendulum: Similar to A+0+35 with standard weights.
  A+0+47 Swing water in a bucket.
  A+0+50 Candles rotating about an axis.
  A+0+55 Mercury and colored water in a rotating glass vessel.
  A+0+56 Flattening of the earth: Rotating brass hoops.
  A+0+58 Mechanical governor device.
  A+0+59 Chain lariat with hand drill or electric rotator.
  A+0+60 Film: "Zero G", sound, 14 min.
  A+0+80 Java Applet: The Ramp
  A+5+10 Equal path lengths ball race.
  A+5+15 Brachistochrone: Three balls falling along different trajectories.
  A+12+1 Film: "A million to one", flea and dry ice puck, sound, 5 min.
  A+12+10 Plank oscillates on oppositely rotating bicycle wheels.
  A+14+1 Block pulled horizontally by a spring.
  A+14+15 Precision lever: Balance beam on stand plus weight set.
  A+14+16 A meterstick lever on a free-standing fulcrum with weights.
  A+15+1 Film loop: "The Cavendish experiment", 4:25 min.
  D+15+30 Demonstration of dependence of number of coils on induced flux
  A+20+10 Breaking thread above and below weight.
  A+20+20 Bed of nails
  A+25+10 Loop the loop: Sphere, hoop, disk rolled down a looped track.
  A+30+0 Minor's apparatus: Movable discs rotated by falling weight.
  A+30+5 Maxwell's wheel: Flywheel with axle, supported on strings or stand.
  A+30+20 Maxwell's top, has adjustable center of gravity.
  A+30+25 Large conical aluminum top.
  A+30+35 Sire's Polytrope.
  A+30+45 Large gyroscope in a suitcase.
  A+35+2 Two people in rolling chairs pushing and pulling
  A+35+16 .22 rifle fires vertically, bullet lifts small wood cylinder.
  A+35+17 Ballistic pendulum: Suspended .22 rifle fires into suspended block.
  A+35+18 Inelastic collisions: Another ballistic pendulum.
  A+35+28 Executive size pool table
  A+35+30 Mechanical model of a gas: Vibrating balls strike piston on OHP.
  A+35+40 Train on circular track moves one way and track moves the other.
  A+37+5 Airtrack: Glider passes "start" and "stop" gates on digital timer.
  A+37+11 Electric winch tows car at constant speed, then constant acceleration.
  A+45+10 Film: "Powers of ten", sound, 10 min.
  A+45+15 Solids to show; cone, pyramid, icosahedron, etc.
  A+50+25 Carbon dioxide propelled rocket flies across room on wire.
  A+50+26 Carbon dioxide propelled rotational device.
  A+50+27 Rocket using a CO2 Fire Extinguisher: Newton's 3rd Law.
  A+55+0 "Sweet Spot": Meterstick pivot point changes with point struck.
  A+60+0 Meterstick suspended in mid-air by horizontal strings and weights.
  A+60+5 Force on hinged beam measured with transducer.
  A+60+10 Forces on crane boom measured with transducer.
  A+60+15 Two transducers measure forces from centered hanging mass.
  A+60+20 Car hangs balanced by forces in mid-air over removable inclined plane.
  A+60+30 Irregular shapes to determine center of mass using plumb bob.
  A+60+35 Static equilibrium for a rope on a spool. Same as A+55+5.
  A+60+40 Anatomical models: Skull, Arm, Leg
  A+60+45 Center of mass of a baseball bat
  A+65+0 Twisting a rod with one end fixed and the other hung with weights.
  A+70+0 X,Y,Z-coordinate system with vector arrows.
  A+70+5 Vector arrows of various sizes and colors fit in wooden bases.
  A+70+10 Relative velocity: Three electric cars on tracks make chalk line.
  A+70+20 Rope with slug(unit of mass) in center is lifted from ends.
  A+70+25 Film loop: "Vector addition: Velocity of a boat", 3:35 min.
  A+80+10 Pulley sets.
  A+80+30 Block and tackle.
  B+5+0 Chaotic pendulum.
  B+10+5 Large torsion pendulum with different diameter rods.
  B+10+10 Physical pendulum: Steel bar with two pivot points.
  B+10+15 Ball rolling in a spherical dish on OHP.
  B+10+30 Damped oscillations: Flat steel spring with removable weights.
  B+10+50 Ball on turntable rotates beneath synchronized pendulum .
  B+10+55 Java Applet: A-vector and V-vector arrows
  B+10+60 Tuning forks, various.
  B+10+70 Four pendulums on rod: Same mass, different lengths.
  B+10+72 Four pendulums on rod: Same length, different masses.
  B+10+75 Inverted pendulum.
  B+15+0 Two large pendulums coupled with spring.
  B+15+1 Three large pendulums coupled with two springs.
  B+15+5 Wilberforce pendulum: Oscillates between rotation and up-down.
  B+15+10 Two pendulums on a frame of flexible steel.
  B+15+15 Two balls hung on the same string, one in middle, one at the end.
  B+20+5 Clock spring oscillator: Electrically driven and damped.
  B+20+10 Damped oscillations in a resonant LCR circuit on an oscilloscope.
  B+20+15 One tuning fork with tuned cavity, drives another.
  B+20+20 Film : "Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse",silent, 4 min.
  B+20+25 Set of three coupled inverted pendulums on wood base.
  B+20+35 Driven oscillations in a multiple spring-mass system.
  B+25+1 Transverse 3-dimensional wave model, hand-cranked.
  B+25+15 Brass spring on white plastic sheet.
  B+25+20 Suspended slinky on threads for compression wave.
  B+25+25 Mechanical water wave model, hand-cranked.
  B+25+30 Torsional wave device, large or small.
  B+30+0 Fourier synthesis.
  B+30+5 Fourier decomposition: microphone and oscilloscope.
  B+35+0 Large wood model of a double slit with hinged waves.
  B+35+15 Interference in a ripple tank uses arc lamp or incandescent light.
  B+35+25 Beats with two beer bottles blown manually.
  B+35+30 Beats from two speakers observed on an oscilloscope.
  B+45+5 Giant tuning fork, barely audible, displayed with stroboscope.
  B+45+10 Ultrasound transducers (40 kHz) as both sources and receivers.
  B+45+20 Savart's wheel: Toothed wheel and cardboard or air jet.
  B+45+30 Compressed air jet blows through spinning disk with holes.
  B+45+35 Sprockets on shaft rotate against a card to make sound.
  B+45+42 Hoot Tube
  B+45+50 Helmholtz resonators drive radiometer vanes, using tuning forks.
  B+45+55 Casio electronic synthesizer with amp and speaker.
  B+50+5 Model of longitudinal standing wave, hand-cranked.
  B+50+15 Reuben's tube: Standing sound waves in flames along a large pipe.
  B+50+25 Tunable organ pipe.
  B+50+30 Set of ten suspended metal rods struck with a wooden mallet.
  B+50+35 Xylophone.
  B+50+45 Unbalanced spinning wheel vibrates spring steel reeds.
  B+50+50 Sonometer: Resonant chamber with bowed strings (2).
  B+50+55 Torison wave model.
  B+55+5 Chladni's disc: Bowed disk forms patterns in sprinkled salt.
  B+55+7 Chladni's Figures: Vibrational modes of a metal plate
  B+55+10 Large glass bowl with ping pong balls and violin bow.
  B+55+15 Young's modulus rod: Hammer and rod with nodes marked.
  B+60+0 Speed of sound in air: Speaker resonates air column over water.
  B+60+5 Measurement of speed of sound with microphone, speaker, oscilloscope.
  B+65+0 Sonalert swung on the end of a string.
  B+67+0 Whip
  B+70+0 Ear models.
  C+0+0 Humidity: Hygrometers to show.
  C+5+0 Computer demo: Nesting can calorimeter, runs 3 min.
  C+10+0 Carnot cycle models: Piston/cylinder, PVT surface.
  C+10+5 Mechanical model of a gas: Vibrating balls strike piston on OHP.
  C+15+1 Boiling water in paper cup; cup does not burn.
  C+15+2 Copper gauze over flame; gas burns only above gauze.
  C+15+03 Set of metal rods: Heat-sensitive paint changes color.
  C+15+4 Computer demo: Conductivity (see C+15+3), runs 5 min.
  C+20+0 Heat water in "O" shaped tube adding a dye.
  C+20+5 Crooke's radiometer with flashlight, arc lamp or IR source.
  C+20+10 Cardboard strip drawn from glass tube extinguishes candle.
  C+20+15 Hot air balloon: Dry cleaner bag over Bunsen burner rises to ceiling.
  C+22+10 Operating Sterling cycle engine, gas powered.
  C+22+15 Operating Sterling cycle engine, hot water powered.
  C+25+0 Flettner rotorcar blown with fan.
  C+25+5 Bernoulli's principle: Ball suspended in air stream.
  C+25+10 Glass standpipes: Water flows through tube, heights vary.
  C+25+11 Glass standpipes with a constriction. Similar to C+25+10.
  C+25+15 Glass aspirator: Compressed air draws colored water up glass tube.
  C+25+16 Compressed air through funnel sucks in ball.
  C+25+17 Compressed air attracts card with pin to holder.
  C+25+20 Venturi meter: Manometer tubes on tapered wind tunnel tube.
  C+25+30 Two roof models, hinged, placed in wind stream.
  C+25+35 Video camera shows fluid flow around various objects.
  C+25+50 A water vortex in two soda bottles joined vertically.
  C+27+0 Set of capillary tubes and dye on video camera.
  C+27+5 Various bubble frames.
  C+27+10 Soap boat or camphor boats in one meter square pan of water.
  C+27+20 Wire sieve boat floats on water until alcohol is added.
  C+30+0 Revolving 'drumhead' with manometer shows pressure in water tank.
  C+30+5 Magdeburg's hemispheres(cast iron) evacuated, can't be separated.
  C+30+17 Archimedes' principle: weighing beakers in water.
  C+30+20 Archimedes' principle: Fish submerged in water on balance beam.
  C+30+25 Archimedes' principle: Aluminum and brass cylinders.
  C+30+35 Cartesian divers: Pressure on cap sends divers sinking.
  C+30+40 Torricelli Barometer: Column of mercury in bell jar.
  C+30+45 Large model of aneroid barometer.
  C+30+50 Pascal's vases: Water in removable vases with pressure gauge.
  C+30+53 Interconnected tube with immiscible liquids.
  C+30+55 Working model of the lung: Balloons in a bell jar over a diaphragm.
  C+30+60 Suction cup holds large mass suspended from heavy glass plate.
  C+30+62 Mat held down by atmospheric pressure.
  C+30+70 The weight of air.
  C+30+80 Inversion table and blood pressure monitor
  C+35+0 Mechanical equivalent of heat: Aluminum cylinder, crank, rope with 5 kg weight and large LED display.
  C+40+0 Ball race: Five different balls heated and placed on paraffin sheet.
  C+45+0 Computer demo: Heat of fusion of tin.
  C+50+0 Java Applet: Gas mixing simulation
  C+50+5 Black balls and white balls in a box are shaken.
  C+50+10 Film loop: "Reversibility of time", 3:40 min.
  C+50+30 Drum in glycerine rotates to smear line of dye into a plane and back.
  C+55+0 Mechanical model of a gas: Vibrating balls on OHP.
  C+55+5 Hexstat probability device.
  C+55+10 Mechanical model of a gas: Vibrating balls strike piston on OHP.
  C+55+20 Brownian motion: Like C+55+0, with an aluminum disk added.
  C+55+25 Stoekle's apparatus: Heated tube with mercury and glass bits.
  C+55+30 Ruchardt's tube: Ball oscillates in a vertical glass tube on jug.
  C+55+35 Diffusion of Ammonia and HCl.
  C+55+40 Osmosis of helium through semi-porous cup.
  C+55+45 Viscosity of air: One rotating disk drives another.
  C+55+55 Breathe helium, voice pitch rises; breathe SF6, voice pitch lowers.
  C+55+60 Equipartition of Energy: Different mass balls bounce out at different times.
  C+60+0 Hydraulic pump liquifies CO2 gas in glass column.
  C+60+5 LN2 demos: pewter bell and spring, color change tube, LN2 cannon.
  C+62+0 Molecular models, ball and stick.
  C+65+0 Concave mirrors focus candle flame on thermopile across bench.
  C+65+2 Light the Match.
  C+65+10 Large transformer heats metal strip with chalk marks on it.
  C+65+15 Crooke's radiometer with flashlight, arc lamp or IR source.
  C+65+20 Box with white interior appears black from hole in the side.
  C+65+25 FLIR T200 Infrared camera
  C+70+0 Galileo's air thermometer forces liquid down when heated.
  C+70+5 Heated iron wire stretches, rotates pointer.
  C+70+6 Heated horizontal nichrome wire stretches, weight sags.
  C+70+10 Heated steel rod expands, raises pointer,breaks pin on cooling.
  C+70+15 Ring and ball: Ball fits through ring only after ring is heated.
  C+70+20 Ice bomb: Iron sphere ruptured by freezing water.
  C+70+22 Heating a rubber band: negative coefficient of thermal expansion
  C+70+25 Cubic coefficient of expansion: Dissectable wooden cube.
  C+70+32 LN2 in a model cannon shoots a cork.
  C+70+35 Bimetallic strip: Brass/invar strip curves when heated.
  C+70+40 Bimetallic switch: Change in temperature lights cold/hot lamps.
  C+70+47 Dippy bird: Large glass bird containing ether oscillates.
  C+70+50 Piston and cylinder compress/expand air measuring temp. and pressure.
  C+70+65 Cooling by expansion: Jar with water compressed with air.
  C+70+70 Hot water geyser, runs 5-10 min.
  C+70+75 Boyle's Law: At constant T, Pressure times Volume is a constant.
  C+70+80 Gay-Lussac's Law: At constant V, Pressure is proportional to Temperature.
  C+70+85 Charles' Law: At constant P, Volume is proportional to Temperature.
  C+75+0 Measurement of temperature: Various types of thermometers.
  C+75+5 Transparency: Comparison of F deg , C deg , and K temperature scales.
  C+75+15 Galileo's air thermometer forces liquid down when heated.
  C+80+0 Triple Point: Cooled water in sealed cell exhibits all three phases.
  C+80+2 Freezing liquid Nitrogen.
  C+80+5 Triple Point demo: Water boils under vacuum making ice.
  C+80+10 P.V.T. surface model for water.
  C+90+0 Elasticity: Balls bouncing on steel or glass cylinder.
  C+90+5 Breaking point of a wire is measured on a spring scale.
  C+90+10 Young's modulus of elasticity: Weight stretches wire.
  C+90+15 Shear: Stack of masonite squares.
  C+90+16 Shear: Foam block.
  D+0+0 Attraction between horizontal plates of a charged capacitor.
  D+0+4 Parallel plate capacitor with dielectric materials and electroscope.
  D+0+6 Capacitor doorbell driven by Van de Graaff generator.
  D+0+8 Series capacitor array.
  D+0+10 Parallel capacitors array: A charged capacitor charges the others.
  D+0+12 Visual charge/discharge of a capacitor through a load.
  D+0+14 Computer demo: Charge/discharge of a capacitor, runs at least 1 min.
  D+0+16 Discharging a capacitor through a lamp.
  D+0+22 Effects of changing a D.C. voltage in a series RC circuit.
  D+0+24 Capacitor in parallel in an audio circuit: Low pass filter.
  D+0+30 Oscillator made with resistor, capacitor and neon lamp.
  D+0+34 Same as D+0+30 using oscilloscope to display waveform.
  D+5+2 LCR series resonance curve of V vs. F (2 - 20kHz) on an oscilloscope.
  D+5+8 Damped oscillations in a resonant LCR circuit on an oscilloscope.
  D+5+12 Seibt effect: Wire wound glass tube with 510 transmitter.
  D+5+24 Waveguide pieces to show.
  D+5+30 Wall chart of electromagnetic spectrum.
  D+5+34 LEDs oscillate in stored energy LC circuit.
  D+10+2 Transparency: Mapping of an electric field.
  D+10+4 Pith balls on thread, with positive and negative charged rods.
  D+10+8 Braun and Leaf electroscopes.
  D+10+10 Faraday's ice pail: Charge induced on the outside of a pail.
  D+10+13 Faraday cage: blocks signal from portable radio
  D+10+14 Charging an electroscope by induction.
  D+10+16 Separation of charge using electrical tape and an electroscope.
  D+10+18 Electrophorous: Cat fur on teflon, acetate on lucite.
  D+10+22 Wimshurst machine, large or small.
  D+10+26 Various Leyden jars to show.
  D+10+28 Electrostatic doorbell: Ball bangs between charged plates.
  D+10+30 Kelvin water drop electrostatic charge generator.
  D+10+35 Electric field created by Van de Graff splits ions in flame
  D+15+1 Oscillating magnets in coupled coils
  D+15+4 Earth inductor: Coil spun in Earth's field makes voltage.
  D+15+6 Generator: Coil with DC commutator rotates between magnets.
  D+15+8 Alternator: Coil with AC commutator rotates between magnets.
  D+15+10 Hand-cranked AC alternator powers 120 volt lamp.
  D+15+14 Eddy currents: Copper disk rotates over a spinning bar magnet.
  D+15+16 Damped pendulum: Swinging metal disks damped in magnetic field.
  D+15+26 Eddy currents:Small magnet slowly drops between aluminum rails.
  D+15+28 Eddy currents: Neodymium Magnet Drop.
  D+15+35 Equivalence of large and small loops around enclosed flux
  D+15+40 Flux through loop. EMF depends on position of the meter
  D+20+2 LR time constant: Square wave drives series LR on oscilloscope.
  D+20+4 AC dimmer: Soft iron core in coil dims lamps.
  D+25+0 Phases of V and I in series circuit as RL shifts to RC.
  D+30+0 Suspended magnetic lodestone on string.
  D+30+1 Large compass needle on stand.
  D+30+2 Dip needle compass.
  D+30+4 Earth model with internal magnet and pivoting probe magnet.
  D+30+12 Iron filings around a current carrying coil on OHP to show field.
  D+30+20 Elementary motor: Bar on rails over solenoid with core.
  D+30+24 Vacuum tube with screen shows cathode rays bent with a magnet.
  D+30+25 Elementary motor: De La Rive Tube.
  D+30+30 Force on current carrying wire in a magnetic field
  D+35+0 Wobbly bar: Magnets in frame balanced by repulsive forces.
  D+35+4 Making small magnets by breaking up a larger magnet.
  D+35+7 Barkhausen effect model: Many tiny magnets on pivots on OHP.
  D+35+9 Para and diamagnetic materials in magnetic field with OHP.
  D+35+10 Para and diamagnetic materials in magnetic field with arc lamp.
  D+35+12 Linear motor: An iron core jumps into a solenoid.
  D+35+14 YBaCuO pellet with magnet in liquid nitrogen on TV camera.
  D+45+0 Rolling bar motor: Same as D+30+ 20.
  D+45+2 Elementary split-ring armature DC motor. D+15+6 as a motor.
  D+45+6 Elementary motor: Electron beam revolves in magnetic field.
  D+50+0 The Braun tube with magnetic and electrostatic deflection.
  D+55+0 Resistance boards: Series, parallel, Wheatstone bridge.
  D+55+2 Watt's law: Variable resistor, glow coil, volt and amp meter.
  D+55+6 Resistance thermometer: Iron coil in liquid Nitrogen and flame varies current.
  D+55+8 Effect of temperature on current in carbon or tungsten filaments.
  D+55+10 Large tungsten filament lamp; as it heats, current drops.
  D+55+12 Oscillator with resistor, capacitor and neon lamp.
  D+55+14 Same as D+55+12 using oscilloscope to display waveform.
  D+60+0 P-N Junction as a rectifier: Current flows one way.
  D+60+8 Commercial solar cell spins propeller using small arc lamp.
  D+60+10 Impact on peizo-electric device flashes neon bulb.
  D+70+6 Thermoelectric fan: Fan runs off of hot and cold water.
  D+75+0 Demountable transformer with many secondary coils from 10:1 to 1:46.
  D+75+1 Same as above: Secondary used for spot-welding.
  D+75+2 Same as above: Secondary used for induction melting.
  D+75+3 Same as above: Secondary used for small Jacob's ladder.
  D+75+4 Large Tesla coil. 15 inch discharge.
  D+75+6 Automobile coil makes a spark.
  D+75+8 Large Jacob's ladder.
  D+80+0 Copper nail and iron nail in a lemon using a multimeter.
  D+80+4 Gotham cell: Assorted metal electrodes in sulfuric acid bath.
  D+85+0 Electrolysis of water produces hydrogen and oxygen.
  D+85+2 Bubble Electrolysis.
  E+5+0 Standard color blindness tests and box of colored yarns.
  E+5+10 Newton's color disk: When rotated,appears white.
  E+5+15 Three-color projector for additive color mixing with arc lamp.
  E+5+25 Cyan, magenta, and yellow filters mix subtractively on OHP.
  E+10+0 Single slit diffraction using laser beam through adjustable slit.
  E+10+5 Laser beam through sets of 1, 2, or multiple electro-formed slits.
  E+10+10 Airy's disk: Pinhole diffraction using laser beam.
  E+10+15 Diffraction about pinhead, razorblade, wood screw using laser.
  E+10+20 Microwave diffraction by a large adjustable iris.
  E+10+30 Bragg diffraction using microwaves and steel balls in foam cube.
  E+10+40 Two points of light diffract through an iris, shown with T.V. camera. (RETIRED)
  E+10+45 Limit of resolution: Two small lamps on adjustable slide.
  E+10+50 Poisson's spot: Interference pattern within circular shadow.
  E+10+55 Laser beam diffraction off object and being reassembled
  E+15+0 First and second order transmission gratings, with arc lamp.
  E+15+5 Arc lamp spectra from NaCl, CaCl2, SrCl soaked rods.
  E+15+10 Mercury spectrum using slit and grating, includes UV lines.
  E+15+15 Absorption spectrum of Na using arc lamp, slit and grating.
  E+15+20 Diffraction patterns of various gratings using He-Ne laser.
  E+15+25 Hand-held gratings for class to view Hg, Ne discharge tubes.
  E+20+5 Transmission hologram viewed with laser light.
  E+20+6 Reflection hologram viewed with white light.
  E+25+0 Large wood model of a double slit with hinged waves.
  E+25+5 Ripple tank with plane or spherical water waves and barriers.
  E+25+10 Microwave interference with single and double slits.
  E+25+20 Red/green/blue line source viewed with double slit paddles.
  E+25+25 Thin film interference with optical flats and sodium lamp.
  E+25+30 Newton's rings by transmission or reflection on arc bench.
  E+25+40 Soap film interference: The soap bubble experiment on arc bench.
  E+25+42 Oil film interference on water.
  E+25+45 Thin film interference with mercury light on mica sheets.
  E+25+55 Lloyd's mirror: Laser beam interferes with reflection from glass.
  E+25+60 Michelson interferometer fringes with laser or white light.
  E+30+5 Air, glass and water lenses in water tank with arc lamp.
  E+30+15 Real images: Lighted arrow image and various lenses.
  E+30+17 Real images: Lighted ‘F-object’ and an astygmatic lens.
  E+30+18 Real images: Lighted ‘F-object’ and a cylindrical lens.
  E+30+20 Cylindrical lens of lucite with words "DIOXIDE GLASS".
  E+30+25 Fresnel lenses to show.
  E+30+30 Large lens shows chromatic aberration on screen using arc lamp.
  E+30+45 Astronomical telescope: Using objective and eyepiece lenses.
  E+30+55 Compound microscope is assembled from lenses.
  E+40+15 Hand held plane mirror and right angle mirror.
  E+40+20 Variable angle mirror assembly with candle.
  E+40+21 Barbershop mirrors:Parallel mirrors with light bulb.
  E+40+25 Retrodirective reflector: Silvered right angle prism, using laser.
  E+40+30 Reflections from concave and convex mirrors with lighted arrow.
  E+40+35 Phantom bouquet: Real image from a concave mirror.
  E+40+40 Clam shell mirrors: Floating coin illusion.
  E+40+42 Light the Match (same as C+65+2).
  E+45+5 Microwaves with grid. Transmitter and receiver are polarized.
  E+45+10 Malus experiment: Polarization by reflection off glass surface.
  E+45+25 Commercial Polaroid filters on an OHP.
  E+45+35 Two tourmaline crystals act as polaroids, using arc lamp.
  E+45+60 Polarized light and stressed lucite on an OHP.
  E+45+95 Polarized light thru Karo syrup shows dark bands, using arc lamp.
  E+50+0 Total internal reflection: 45 deg-45 deg-90 deg prism using arc lamp.
  E+50+5 Four-prisms, same index of refraction, different angles, using laser.
  E+50+10 Eight-prisms, different index of refraction, same angle, using laser.
  E+50+15 Blackboard optics: Light source and lucite prism.
  E+50+20 Refraction of white light by prism using arc lamp.
  E+50+25 Light from arc lamp enters direct view prism emerges as spectrum.
  E+50+30 Dove prism to erect projected images using arc lamp.
  E+55+10 Image formed by a pinhole using three light bulbs in a box.
  E+60+0 Displacement of a beam passing through a thick plate of glass.
  E+60+2 Indices of Refraction: glass in glycerin and phantom crystals.
  E+60+10 Rainbow: Refraction of white light by a liquid sphere.
  E+60+15 Light pipes and fiber optic flashlight.
  E+60+17 Water fiber optic
  E+60+40 Variable index of refraction: laser beam bends in water tank with sugar.
  E+65+0 IR source illuminates audience viewed with CCD TV camera in dark room.
  E+65+5 Crooke's radiometer with flashlight or IR source.
  E+65+10 Detection of the IR, visible, and UV spectra using arc lamp.
  E+65+12 FLIR T200 Infrared camera
  E+65+25 As light bulb filament increases temp. its spectrum shifts red to blue.
  E+65+30 UV light causes mineral and fabric samples to fluoresce different colors.
  F+0+0 Vacuum tube with screen show cathode rays bent with a magnet.
  F+0+5 Vacuum tube with metal cross makes shadow with cathode rays.
  F+5+0 X-Ray tube: Hard X-rays detected by fluorescent screen.
  F+5+15 Bragg diffraction using microwaves and steel balls in foam cube.
  F+15+0 UV light hits charged zinc plate and discharges electroscope.
  F+15+5 Light through different filters into phototube changes current.
  F+15+15 EMF generated by phototube using halogen light source.
  F+15+20 Commercial solar cell spins propeller using halogen light source.
  F+15+35 Recording modulates laser beam which hits solar cell and amplifier.
  F+18+10 Photomultiplier tubes to show.
  F+20+0 "Plum pudding": Corks with magnets float in bowl/solenoid on OHP.
  F+20+5 Rutherford scattering model: Steel balls, launcher, and "hill".
  F+20+20 Mechanical models of the hydrogen atom.
  F+20+25 Bohr-Stoner charts(5): Electron configurations of the elements.
  F+20+30 Wall chart or online applet of periodic table.
  F+20+35 Wall chart or online applet of the nuclides.
  F+30+0 Tunneling:Microwave analogy using wax prisms.
  F+45+10 Cloud chamber with dry ice and alcohol shown on TV camera.
  F+50+0 Alpha range measured using small cloud chamber.
  F+60+0 Applet: various simulated experiments
  F+65+10 Mechanical model of radioactive decay.
  F+65+15 Wall chart of the nuclides.
  F+80+0 Mousetrap chain reaction experiment.
  F+80+5 Model of the uranium pile.
  F+85+0 YBaCuO pellet with magnet in liquid nitrogen on TV camera.
  F+90+0 Magnetic field splits Cd interferometer lines on TV camera.
  F+95+0 Working helium-neon laser in transparent housing.
  G+0+0 35mm slides for astronomy.
  G+5+0 Vault of the heavens: Large lucite globe.
  G+5+5 Earth, Sun, and Mars model.
  G+5+10 Solar system model.
  G+60+40 Detection of the IR, visible, and UV spectra using arc lamp on TV camera.