Forced Oscillations/Resonance (B+20)

  B+20+0 Driven harmonic oscillator: Motor driven mass on spring.
  B+20+5 Clock spring oscillator: Electrically driven and damped.
  B+20+10 Damped oscillations in a resonant LCR circuit on an oscilloscope.
  B+20+15 One tuning fork with tuned cavity, drives another.
  B+20+20 Film : "Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse",silent, 4 min.
  B+20+25 Set of three coupled inverted pendulums on wood base.
  B+20+30 Beaker is broken by sound from speaker.
  B+20+35 Driven oscillations in a multiple spring-mass system.
  B+20+40 Video: Slow Motion of Shattering Wine Glass
  B+20+41 Video: Shattering Wine Glass : 0:42 min