Interference (E+25)

  E+25+0 Large wood model of a double slit with hinged waves.
  E+25+5 Ripple tank with plane or spherical water waves and barriers.
  E+25+10 Microwave interference with single and double slits.
  E+25+15 Laser beam through various slit and grating combinations.
  E+25+20 Red/green/blue line source viewed with double slit paddles.
  E+25+25 Thin film interference with optical flats and sodium lamp.
  E+25+30 Newton's rings by transmission or reflection on arc bench.
  E+25+35 Same as E+25+30, using Hall's prism.
  E+25+40 Soap film interference: The soap bubble experiment on arc bench.
  E+25+42 Oil film interference on water.
  E+25+45 Thin film interference with mercury light on mica sheets.
  E+25+50 Laser projected through Fabry-Perot interferometer shows pattern.
  E+25+55 Lloyd's mirror: Laser beam interferes with reflection from glass.
  E+25+60 Michelson interferometer fringes with laser or white light.
  E+25+65 Microwave interference by multiple reflection.
  E+25+75 Applet: Michelson-Morley Experiment
  E+25+80 Applet: Interference of Waves
  E+25+85 Applet: Double slit experiment
  E+25+90 Applet: Interference of Light at a Double Slit