Temperature and Expansion (C+70)

  C+70+0 Galileo's air thermometer forces liquid down when heated.
  C+70+5 Heated iron wire stretches, rotates pointer.
  C+70+6 Heated horizontal nichrome wire stretches, weight sags.
  C+70+10 Heated steel rod expands, raises pointer,breaks pin on cooling.
  C+70+15 Ring and ball: Ball fits through ring only after ring is heated.
  C+70+20 Ice bomb: Iron sphere ruptured by freezing water.
  C+70+22 Heating a rubber band: negative coefficient of thermal expansion
  C+70+25 Cubic coefficient of expansion: Dissectable wooden cube.
  C+70+30 Steam gun: Friction heated water in tube shoots a cork.
  C+70+32 LN2 in a model cannon shoots a cork.
  C+70+35 Bimetallic strip: Brass/invar strip curves when heated.
  C+70+40 Bimetallic switch: Change in temperature lights cold/hot lamps.
  C+70+45 Franklin's pulse glass: Two glass bulbs and tube containing ether.
  C+70+47 Dippy bird: Large glass bird containing ether oscillates.
  C+70+50 Piston and cylinder compress/expand air measuring temp. and pressure.
  C+70+55 Fire syringe: paper is ignited in a cylinder with a piston.
  C+70+60 CO2 fire extinguisher: Expanding gas freezes into snow.
  C+70+65 Cooling by expansion: Jar with water compressed with air.
  C+70+70 Hot water geyser, runs 5-10 min.
  C+70+75 Boyle's Law: At constant T, Pressure times Volume is a constant.
  C+70+80 Gay-Lussac's Law: At constant V, Pressure is proportional to Temperature.
  C+70+85 Charles' Law: At constant P, Volume is proportional to Temperature.
  C+70+90 Grain Silo explosion: A cloud of power is ignited and blows lid off of can.