Atomic Structure (F+20)

  F+20+0 "Plum pudding": Corks with magnets float in bowl/solenoid on OHP.
  F+20+5 Rutherford scattering model: Steel balls, launcher, and "hill".
  F+20+10 Model of the nucleus: Steel balls in plastic dish on OHP.
  F+20+15 Film: "Rutherford atom", sound, 40 min.
  F+20+20 Mechanical models of the hydrogen atom.
  F+20+25 Bohr-Stoner charts(5): Electron configurations of the elements.
  F+20+30 Wall chart or online applet of periodic table.
  F+20+35 Wall chart or online applet of the nuclides.
  F+20+40 Applet: Build an Atom
  F+20+45 Applet: Models of the Hydrogen Atom
  F+20+50 Applet: Orbits
  F+20+55 Applet: Quarks
  F+20+60 Applet: Atoms and Spectra
  F+20+65 Applet: Elements
  F+20+70 Applet: Electron Configurations
  F+20+75 Applet: Rutherford Scattering
  F+20+80 Applet: Predicted Rutherford Scattering from a Thomson Atom