Vault of the heavens: Large lucite globe.

Vault of the Heavens: Large lucite globe. The Earth in Space Globe consists of a number of elements. At the center is a transparent model of the earth mounted on a shaft which can be rotated by hand using a knob at the base of the assembly near the South Celestial Pole. An adjustable plastic 'Horizon Ring' is positioned about the Earth to indicate the visual horizon. Suspended above the Earth is the Sun on a wire that can be adjusted using a knob mounted near the North Celestial Pole. There is also a wire perpendicular to this called the Sunlight Terminator wire, which shows where the Sun is rising and setting. Surrounding the Earth is a large 36" transparent plastic globe that is printed with a lot of information. The globe has Hour Circle Lines every 15 deg corresponding to longitude (used to determine Right Ascension) and Lines of Declination every 10 deg , corresponding to latitude. Inscribed about the globe at an angle of 23.5 deg is the plane of the ecliptic, printed with Months in 5 day increments, indicating the position of the Sun. Over 1100 stars to magnitude 4.5 are shown with dots of 7 sizes. The more popular stars are named, and distances are given in light years. Eighty constellations are drawn in with lines and named. Also some nebulae, star clusters and galaxies are shown, as well as boundaries of the Milky Way. The precessional path of the North and South Celestial Poles are shown. A compass is mounted at the base of the entire assembly. Following the procedures outlined in the Farquhar manual, the Earth is oriented in space so that the Sun and stars are at their correct locations for the current date and time. Earth in Space Globe (36" Diam.) Compass Ref.:Teacher's Manual For Farquhar, p.11-18
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