Fluid Dynamics (C+25)

  C+25+0 Flettner rotorcar blown with fan.
  C+25+2 Smoke Ring Generator
  C+25+4 Airzooka
  C+25+5 Bernoulli's principle: Ball suspended in air stream.
  C+25+10 Glass standpipes: Water flows through tube, heights vary.
  C+25+11 Glass standpipes with a constriction. Similar to C+25+10.
  C+25+15 Glass aspirator: Compressed air draws colored water up glass tube.
  C+25+16 Compressed air through funnel sucks in ball.
  C+25+17 Compressed air attracts card with pin to holder.
  C+25+20 Venturi meter: Manometer tubes on tapered wind tunnel tube.
  C+25+25 Pitot tube inserted in wind stream with manometer indicator.
  C+25+75Extreme Spin on Launched Ball
  C+25+30 Two roof models, hinged, placed in wind stream.
  C+25+80Faucet for demonstration
  C+25+35 Video camera shows fluid flow around various objects.
  C+25+40 Water in vertical standpipe with holes at different heights.
  C+25+45 Hydraulic ram water pump, working model.
  C+25+50 A water vortex in two soda bottles joined vertically.
  C+25+55 A vortex tube seperates compressed air into jets of hot and cold air.
  C+25+60 Applet: Fluid Pressure and Flow
  C+25+65 Applet: Vector Fields
  C+25+70 Applet: Faraday's Law