Same as D+0+30 using oscilloscope to display waveform.

Same as D+0+30 using oscilloscope to display waveform. 90 Volts D.C. is put across a series RC circuit. A neon bulb is in parallel with the capacitor. When the capacitor charges up to 80 volts, the neon bulb flashes (breakdown voltage for this neon bulb is about 80 volts), draining the capacitor charge. The capacitor then begins to charge again, and the cycle repeats. The period T of the flashes of the bulb is the product of the Resistance and Capacitance (RxC). The resistance can be varied from 0 to 5.5 M ohms, and three different capacitors can be plugged in: 2 micro f, .47 micro f, and .01 micro f. The oscillating signal produced in this demo is displayed on an oscilloscope. The signal frequency f = 1/T. (A speaker can also be attached to make the signal audible, as in D+0+32). Note: See set-up sheet in file cabinet in 72 Le Conte. CAPACITANCE.
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