Solid State and Semiconductors (D+60)

  D+60+0 P-N Junction as a rectifier: Current flows one way.
  D+60+2 P-N Junction as a rectifier: Diode bridge rectifies AC voltage.
  D+60+4 Photoelectric effect: Light on P-N junction causes current flow.
  D+60+6 Several commercial solar cells.
  D+60+8 Commercial solar cell spins propeller using small arc lamp.
  D+60+10 Impact on peizo-electric device flashes neon bulb.
  D+60+12 Applet: Fermi Level, Fermi Function and Electron Occupancy of Localized Energy States
  D+60+14 Applet: Fermi Level vs. Carrier Concentration and Doping of Donor and Acceptor Impurities