Polarization and Birefringence (E+45)

  E+45+0 Two picket fence sections with slats and rope to make waves.
  E+45+5 Microwaves with grid. Transmitter and receiver are polarized.
  E+45+10 Malus experiment: Polarization by reflection off glass surface.
  E+45+15 Sunset: solution in tank scatters blue light, using arc lamp.
  E+45+15 Polarization of light by internal reflection: Fresnel rhomb.
  E+45+20 Polarization of light through a pile of glass plates, using arc lamp.
  E+45+25 Commercial Polaroid filters on an OHP.
  E+45+30 Plaster models of positive and biaxial crystals.
  E+45+35 Two tourmaline crystals act as polaroids, using arc lamp.
  E+45+40 Light through polaroid and calcite, using arc lamp.
  E+45+45 Model of a calcite crystal.
  E+45+50 Light through Nicol prism and Nicol analyzer, using arc lamp.
  E+45+55 Quartz prisms give a single and double spectrum, using arc lamp.
  E+45+60 Polarized light and stressed lucite on an OHP.
  E+45+65 Optical rotation of polarized light by sugar solution, using arc lamp.
  E+45+70 Optical rotation by sugar solution produces barber pole, using arc lamp.
  E+45+75 Mechanical model to show circular polarization; hand-cranked.
  E+45+80 Circular polarization with quarter wave plate, using arc lamp.
  E+45+85 Circular polarization of microwaves by elliptical metal tube.
  E+45+90 Circular polarization of microwaves: With reflector and grids.
  E+45+95 Polarized light thru Karo syrup shows dark bands, using arc lamp.
  E+45+100 10_ retarder plate makes dark bands in spectrum, using arc lamp.
  E+45+110 Visible nodes and antinodes in linearly birefringent plexiglass rod.
  E+45+115 Applet: Polarization of Light (3-D Version)