Statics and Mechanical Equilibrium (A+60)

  A+60+0 Meterstick suspended in mid-air by horizontal strings and weights.
  A+60+5 Force on hinged beam measured with transducer.
  A+60+10 Forces on crane boom measured with transducer.
  A+60+15 Two transducers measure forces from centered hanging mass.
  A+60+16 Same as A+60+15, but mass in different position.
  A+60+20 Car hangs balanced by forces in mid-air over removable inclined plane.
  A+60+25 Disk (weighted off-center) rolls up inclined plane.
  A+60+30 Irregular shapes to determine center of mass using plumb bob.
  A+60+32 Center of gravity (toy) objects.
  A+60+35 Static equilibrium for a rope on a spool. Same as A+55+5.
  A+60+37 Rotation about the center of mass: Object to throw.
  A+60+40 Anatomical models: Skull, Arm, Leg
  A+60+45 Center of mass of a baseball bat
  A+60+50 Applet: Motion of the Center of Mass
  A+60+55 Stacking Blocks Extend Over Base