Acceleration (A+0)

  A+0+0"Coin and Feather" fall in an evacuated rotatable tube.
  A+0+5 Timed free fall: Ball drops 2 meters through electronic timing gate.
  A+0+10 Atwood machine: Unbalanced weights on a pulley accelerate slowly.
  A+0+15 A falling weight accelerates a car horizontally.
  A+0+20 Acceleration of a steel ball down an inclined plane with metronome.
  A+0+22 Inclined airtrack with gliders and timing gates.
  A+0+23 Inclined airtrack: Cart and ball accelerate in unison.
  A+0+25 Cork float accelerometer: Cork and water in sealed flask.
  A+0+30 A chain dropped onto a force plate.
  A+0+31 Swinging mass M lifts mass 2M
  A+0+35 A ball swung on a string held by a sleeve.
  A+0+40 Conical pendulum: Similar to A+0+35 with standard weights.
  A+0+45 Loop the loop: Sphere, hoop, disk rolled down a looped track.
  A+0+47 Swing water in a bucket.
  A+0+50 Candles rotating about an axis.
  A+0+55 Mercury and colored water in a rotating glass vessel.
  A+0+56 Flattening of the earth: Rotating brass hoops.
  A+0+57 Rotating loop of chain rolls across bench.
  A+0+58 Mechanical governor device.
  A+0+59 Chain lariat with hand drill or electric rotator.
  A+0+60 Film: "Zero G", sound, 14 min.
  A+0+65 Film: "Conservation laws in zero G", sound, 14 min.
  A+0+70 Film loop: "Inertial forces: Centripetal acceleration", 3:15 min.
  A+0+75 Film loop: "Inertial forces:Translational acceleration", 2:05 min.
  A+0+80 Java Applet: The Ramp
  A+0+81 Java Applet "Moving ladybug shows vectors of motion"
  A+0+82 Java Applet "Ladybug on Carousel shows vectors of motion"
  A+0+83 Java Applet "Moving dot shows vectors of velocity and acceleration"
  A+0+84 Java Applet "The Moving Man"
  A+0+85 Java Applet "Moving car with graphed position to show linear sinusoidal motion"
  A+0+86 Film Loop: "Worlds largest vacuumn chamber does coin and feather, 4:41 min"
  A+0+90Fallling Slinky's bottom stationary until top reaches it