Modern and Contemporary Physics (F)

Cathode and Canal Rays (F+0)

  F+0+0 Vacuum tube with screen show cathode rays bent with a magnet.
  F+0+5 Vacuum tube with metal cross makes shadow with cathode rays.
  F+0+10 Vacuum tube with paddlewheel spins from cathode ray impact.
  F+0+15 Braun tube (CRT) with magnetic and electrostatic deflection.

Quantum Mechanics (F+105)

  F+105+0 Applet: Band Structure
  F+105+5 Applet: Double Wells and Covalent Bonds
  F+105+10 Applet: Quantum Bound States
  F+105+15 Applet: Quantum Tunneling and Wave Packets
  F+105+20 Applet: Quantum Wave Interference
  F+105+25 Applet: Quantum Physics Online
  F+105+30 Applet: Hydrogen Atom Orbital
  F+105+35 Applet: Molecular Orbital
  F+105+40 Applet: 1-Dimensional Particle States
  F+105+45 Applet: 1-Dimensional Radiative Transitions
  F+105+50 Applet: Atomic Dipole Transitions
  F+105+55 Applet: 2-Dimensional Rectangular Box
  F+105+60 Applet: 2-Dimensional Circular Box
  F+105+65 Applet: 2-Dimensional Harmonic Oscillator
  F+105+70 Applet: Rigid Rotor
  F+105+75 Applet: 3-Dimensional Harmonic Oscillator

X-Rays (F+5)

  F+5+0 X-Ray tube: Hard X-rays detected by fluorescent screen.
  F+5+5 X-rays ionize electrode and discharge electroscope.
  F+5+10 X-ray beam through cloud chamber shown on TV camera
  F+5+15 Bragg diffraction using microwaves and steel balls in foam cube.

Electron Diffraction (F+10)

  F+10+0 Electron diffraction by aluminum and graphite on CRT.
  F+10+5 Film: Matter Waves, sound, 28 min.

Photoelectric Effect (F+15)

  F+15+0 UV light hits charged zinc plate and discharges electroscope.
  F+15+5 Light through different filters into phototube changes current.
  F+15+10 Phototube circuit allows current flow in one direction only.
  F+15+15 EMF generated by phototube using halogen light source.
  F+15+20 Commercial solar cell spins propeller using halogen light source.
  F+15+25 Light hits diode,causes current flow. Uses arc lamp.
  F+15+30 NPN junction as a phototransistor amplifier.
  F+15+35 Recording modulates laser beam which hits solar cell and amplifier.
  F+15+40 Film loop: Photoelectric effect, 4:02 min.
  F+15+45 Applet: Conductivity
  F+15+50 Applet: Davisson-Germer: Electron Diffraction
  F+15+55 Applet: Photoelectric Effect

Photons (F+18)

  F+18+0 Film: "Photons", sound, 19 min..
  F+18+5 Film: "Interference of photons", sound 13 min.
  F+18+10 Photomultiplier tubes to show.

Atomic Structure (F+20)

  F+20+0 "Plum pudding": Corks with magnets float in bowl/solenoid on OHP.
  F+20+5 Rutherford scattering model: Steel balls, launcher, and "hill".
  F+20+10 Model of the nucleus: Steel balls in plastic dish on OHP.
  F+20+15 Film: "Rutherford atom", sound, 40 min.
  F+20+20 Mechanical models of the hydrogen atom.
  F+20+25 Bohr-Stoner charts(5): Electron configurations of the elements.
  F+20+30 Wall chart or online applet of periodic table.
  F+20+35 Wall chart or online applet of the nuclides.
  F+20+40 Applet: Build an Atom
  F+20+45 Applet: Models of the Hydrogen Atom
  F+20+50 Applet: Orbits
  F+20+55 Applet: Quarks
  F+20+60 Applet: Atoms and Spectra
  F+20+65 Applet: Elements
  F+20+70 Applet: Electron Configurations
  F+20+75 Applet: Rutherford Scattering
  F+20+80 Applet: Predicted Rutherford Scattering from a Thomson Atom

Scattering (F+25)

  F+25+10 Java applets: Quantum Properties

Quantum Mechanical Barrier Penetration (F+30)

  F+30+0 Tunneling:Microwave analogy using wax prisms.
  F+30+5 Applet: Schordinger wave equation
  F+30+10 Applet: Large Hadron Rap

Elementary Particles (F+35)

  F+35+0 Fundamental particle and interaction chart.(LBL)

Cloud Chambers (F+45)

  F+45+0 Expansion cloud chamber with water and compression bulb.
  F+45+5 Wilson cloud chamber, piston compression type.
  F+45+10 Cloud chamber with dry ice and alcohol shown on TV camera.
  F+45+15 Cloud chamber shows X-rays: Same as F+5+10.

Range of Alpha Particles (F+50)

  F+50+0 Alpha range measured using small cloud chamber.

Franck-Hertz Experiment (F+55)

  F+55+0 Film: "Franck-Hertz experiment", sound, 30 min.

Special Relativity (F+60)

  F+60+0 Applet: various simulated experiments
  F+60+5 Applet: Space-Time Physics
  F+60+10 Applet: Special Relativity and clocks
  F+60+15 Applet: Light Clock

Radioactivity (F+65)

  F+65+0 Scintillation counter using Geiger tube.
  F+65+5 Geiger counter.
  F+65+10 Mechanical model of radioactive decay.
  F+65+15 Wall chart of the nuclides.
  F+65+20 Film loop: "Radioactivity", 4:00 min.
  F+65+25 Applet: Alpha Decay
  F+65+30 Applet: Beta Decay
  F+65+35 Applet: Radioactive Dating Game
  F+65+40 Applet: Decay

Accelerators (F+70)

  F+70+0 Large mechanical model of the cyclotron.
  F+70+5 Applet: Cyclotron

Fission and Fusion (F+80)

  F+80+0 Mousetrap chain reaction experiment.
  F+80+5 Model of the uranium pile.
  F+80+10 Applet: Nuclear Fission
  F+80+15 Applet: Nuclear Decay

Superconductivity (F+85)

  F+85+0 YBaCuO pellet with magnet in liquid nitrogen on TV camera.

Zeeman Effect (F+90)

  F+90+0 Magnetic field splits Cd interferometer lines on TV camera.

Laser (F+95)

  F+95+0 Working helium-neon laser in transparent housing.
  F+95+5 Applet: Laser
  F+95+10 Applet: Molecular Motor
  F+95+15 Applet: Optical Tweezers and Applications
  F+95+20 Applet: The Laser
  F+95+25 Applet: Laser Fundamentals

Fuel Cells (F+100)

  F+100+0Fuel cell car runs off hydrogen and oxygen.