Capacitance (D+0)

  D+0+0 Attraction between horizontal plates of a charged capacitor.
  D+0+2 Various capacitors to show.
  D+0+4 Parallel plate capacitor with dielectric materials and electroscope.
  D+0+5 Force on a dielectric in a capacitor
  D+0+6 Capacitor doorbell driven by Van de Graaff generator.
  D+0+8 Series capacitor array.
  D+0+10 Parallel capacitors array: A charged capacitor charges the others.
  D+0+12 Visual charge/discharge of a capacitor through a load.
  D+0+14 Computer demo: Charge/discharge of a capacitor, runs at least 1 min.
  D+0+16 Discharging a capacitor through a lamp.
  D+0+18 Capacitors with a series neon bulb on A.C. and D.C.
  D+0+20 Capacitor in series in an audio circuit: High pass filter.
  D+0+22 Effects of changing a D.C. voltage in a series RC circuit.
  D+0+24 Capacitor in parallel in an audio circuit: Low pass filter.
  D+0+26 Capacitor in parallel in a D.C. circuit.
  D+0+28 Energy storage in a commercial capacitor. Loud bang!
  D+0+30 Oscillator made with resistor, capacitor and neon lamp.
  D+0+32 Same as D+0+30 using speaker for audio tone generation.
  D+0+34 Same as D+0+30 using oscilloscope to display waveform.
  D+0+35 Applet: Capacitor Lab
  D+0+40 Applet: Circuit Construction Kit (AC+DC), Virtual Lab
  D+0+45 Applet: Water Droplets in Electric Field
  D+0+50 Applet: RC Circuits
  D+0+55 Applet: CR Filter's Response (Analog)