Flux through loop. EMF depends on position of the meter

A loop is secured across the middle of the top of iron core of an inductor. When the current is turned on, note the direction of deflection of the galvanometer. Then move the meter, without changing the wiring, to the diametrically opposite side of the inductor. Turn the current on again. The meter will deflect in the opposite direction. This can also be done with two loops and two meters. Connect the wires to the meters the same when both meters are on the same side of the inductor. Turn on current to show that both meters deflect in the same direction. Then place one meter on other side. It will deflect opposite to the unmoved meter. Explanation: It is the orientation of the loop that matters, not the position of the meter.
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All this equipment is commonly used but ask the professor if they would like two loops and projectors or if they'd just like one and to physically move it from one side to the other; which could be a more convincing demonstration although it does involve the instructor moving some equipment which is heavy and bulky.