Lenses (E+30)

  E+30+5 Air, glass and water lenses in water tank with arc lamp.
  E+30+10 Blackboard optics: Light sources with lucite lenses.
  E+30+15 Real images: Lighted arrow image and various lenses.
  E+30+17 Real images: Lighted ‘F-object’ and an astygmatic lens.
  E+30+18 Real images: Lighted ‘F-object’ and a cylindrical lens.
  E+30+20 Cylindrical lens of lucite with words "DIOXIDE GLASS".
  E+30+25 Fresnel lenses to show.
  E+30+30 Large lens shows chromatic aberration on screen using arc lamp.
  E+30+35 Pincushion and barrel distortion of lenses using arc lamp.
  E+30+40 Cylindrical aberration: Wooden model.
  E+30+45 Astronomical telescope: Using objective and eyepiece lenses.
  E+30+50 Galilean telescope: similar to E+30+45.
  E+30+55 Compound microscope is assembled from lenses.
  E+30+60 Lantern slide projector with removable housing.
  E+30+65 Model of the eye, with near/far sight lenses, using arc lamp.
  E+30+70 Applet: Geometric Optics
  E+30+75 Applet: Thin Lens
  E+30+80 Applet: Two thin lenses
  E+30+85 Applet: Spherical Thin Lens in Gauss' Condition
  E+30+90 Applet: Auto-colimation Method
  E+30+95 Applet: Bessel Method
  E+30+100 Applet: Badal Method
  E+30+105 Applet: Vision Corrections
  E+30+110 Applet: Setting the reticulated bezel
  E+30+115 Applet: Astronomical Telescope
  E+30+120 Applet: Galileo's Telescope
  E+30+125 Applet: The Microscope