Interference (B+35)

  B+35+0 Large wood model of a double slit with hinged waves.
  B+35+5 Acoustic interference with Quincke (trombone) tube and sonalert.
  B+35+10 Interference of sound waves from two speakers, same generator.
  B+35+12 Interference between two ultrasound sources (40 kHz).
  B+35+15 Interference in a ripple tank uses arc lamp or incandescent light.
  B+35+20 Beats with tuning forks on tuned cavities.
  B+35+25 Beats with two beer bottles blown manually.
  B+35+30 Beats from two speakers observed on an oscilloscope.
  B+35+35 Appet: Ripple Tank Simulation
  B+35+40 Applet: Pinicple of Superposition (1)
  B+35+45 Applet: Principle of Superposition (2)
  B+35+50 Applet: Traveling Waves and Superposition -- Exercise Set 2
  B+35+55 Applet: Stationary wave
  B+35+60 Applet: Superposition of waves
  B+35+65 Applet: Wave workshop
  B+35+70 Applet: 2-D Wave Simulation
  B+35+75 Applet: 3-D Wave Simulation
  B+35+80 Applet: Sound Wave Interference