Astronomy and Perception (G)

Astronomy Slides (G+0)

  G+0+0 35mm slides for astronomy.
  G+0+5 Applet: Planetary Motion
  G+0+10 Applet: Kepler's Laws Demonstrations
  G+0+15 Applet: Projectile Orbits and Satellite orbits
  G+0+20 Applet: Newton's Canon Animation
  G+0+25 Applet: SSC, Orbit
  G+0+30 Applet: Observe the change in a star's spectrum as its motion changes
  G+0+35 Applet: Kepler's Second Law
  G+0+40 Applet: Moon
  G+0+45 Applet: Kepler Motion
  G+0+50 Applet: Shoot a cannonball into orbit!

Astronomy Models (G+5)

  G+5+0 Vault of the heavens: Large lucite globe.
  G+5+5 Earth, Sun, and Mars model.
  G+5+10 Solar system model.
  G+5+15 Gravitational lens model.
  G+5+20 Applet: Cosmos Scale
  G+5+25Cut out pie pan demonstrates path when centripetal force disappears

Optical Illusions (G+55)

  G+55+0 Revolving window illusion.
  G+55+5 Rotating disk and strobe demonstration.
  G+55+10 Optical illusion posters.
  G+55+15 Phantom Bouquet: Real image from a concave mirror.
  G+55+20 Clam shell mirrors: Floating coin illusion.
  G+55+25 Indices of Refraction: glass in glycerin and phantom crystals.

Perception (G+60)

  G+60+5 Pulfrich Effect: Pendulum and polaroid experiment.
  G+60+10 Limit of resolution: Two movable pin-points of light.
  G+60+15 Limit of audibility: Set of rods that ring at different frequencies.
  G+60+20 Set of color blindness cards.
  G+60+25 Rotating disk with black and white lines makes color illusion.
  G+60+30 Purkinje effect: At low intensity, blue is more visible than red.
  G+60+35 Two sides plus red and green light gives full color illusion.
  G+60+40 Detection of the IR, visible, and UV spectra using arc lamp on TV camera.

Audio Illusions (G+50)

  G+50+5 Shepard Tones: repeating tones appear to continuously ascend or descend