Mechanics (A)

Acceleration (A+0)

  A+0+0"Coin and Feather" fall in an evacuated rotatable tube.
  A+0+5 Timed free fall: Ball drops 2 meters through electronic timing gate.
  A+0+10 Atwood machine: Unbalanced weights on a pulley accelerate slowly.
  A+0+15 A falling weight accelerates a car horizontally.
  A+0+20 Acceleration of a steel ball down an inclined plane with metronome.
  A+0+22 Inclined airtrack with gliders and timing gates.
  A+0+23 Inclined airtrack: Cart and ball accelerate in unison.
  A+0+25 Cork float accelerometer: Cork and water in sealed flask.
  A+0+30 A chain dropped onto a force plate.
  A+0+31 Swinging mass M lifts mass 2M
  A+0+35 A ball swung on a string held by a sleeve.
  A+0+40 Conical pendulum: Similar to A+0+35 with standard weights.
  A+0+45 Loop the loop: Sphere, hoop, disk rolled down a looped track.
  A+0+47 Swing water in a bucket.
  A+0+50 Candles rotating about an axis.
  A+0+55 Mercury and colored water in a rotating glass vessel.
  A+0+56 Flattening of the earth: Rotating brass hoops.
  A+0+57 Rotating loop of chain rolls across bench.
  A+0+58 Mechanical governor device.
  A+0+59 Chain lariat with hand drill or electric rotator.
  A+0+60 Film: "Zero G", sound, 14 min.
  A+0+65 Film: "Conservation laws in zero G", sound, 14 min.
  A+0+70 Film loop: "Inertial forces: Centripetal acceleration", 3:15 min.
  A+0+75 Film loop: "Inertial forces:Translational acceleration", 2:05 min.
  A+0+80 Java Applet: The Ramp
  A+0+81 Java Applet "Moving ladybug shows vectors of motion"
  A+0+82 Java Applet "Ladybug on Carousel shows vectors of motion"
  A+0+83 Java Applet "Moving dot shows vectors of velocity and acceleration"
  A+0+84 Java Applet "The Moving Man"
  A+0+85 Java Applet "Moving car with graphed position to show linear sinusoidal motion"
  A+0+86 Film Loop: "Worlds largest vacuumn chamber does coin and feather, 4:41 min"
  A+0+90Fallling Slinky's bottom stationary until top reaches it

Conservation of Energy (A+5)

  A+5+0 Ball on string mounts on blackboard and pivots on lower rod.
  A+5+5 The Trebuchet
  A+5+10 Equal path lengths ball race.
  A+5+15 Brachistochrone: Three balls falling along different trajectories.
  A+5+20 Bowling ball pendulum swings back to nose.
  A+5+25 Film loop: "Conservation of energy: Pole vault", 3:55 min.
  A+5+26 Java applet: Conservation of energy skate park, movable tracks
  A+5+27 Java Applet: Conservation of energy skate park, various graphical representations
  A+5+28 Java Applet: Racing balls along different tracks
  A+5+29 Java Applet: "Mass-spring oscillator with optional energy graphs"

Frames of Reference (A+10)

  A+10+0 Film: "Frames of reference", sound, 28 min.
  A+10+5Projectile Launched Over Moving Reference Frame
  A+10+40 Film loop: "Galilean relativity I", ball dropped from mast of ship,2:55min.
  A+10+45 Film loop:"Galilean relativity II", object dropped from aircraft, 3:40 min.
  A+10+50 Film loop: "Galilean relativity III", projectile fired vertically, 3:00 min.
  A+10+55 Film loop: "A matter of relative motion", 3:40 min.
  A+10+60 Film: "Slinky Drop at Turkey Creek" 3:14 min

Friction (A+12)

  A+12+0 Blocks, with various surfaces slide on an inclined plane.
  A+12+1 Film: "A million to one", flea and dry ice puck, sound, 5 min.
  A+12+5 Weighted wood block dragged horizontally by force sensor.
  A+12+10 Plank oscillates on oppositely rotating bicycle wheels.
  A+12+11 Java Applet "Forces and Motion on Horizontal Plane"
  A+12+12 Java Applet "Forces and Motion on Inclined Ramp"
  A+12+13 Java Applet "Molecular model of Friction"
  A+12+14 Java Applet "Inclined plane with adjustable friction and vectors shown"

Forces (A+14)

  A+14+0 Weight on a vertical spring with markers on stand.
  A+14+1 Block pulled horizontally by a spring.
  A+14+5 Force table: Forces on a car on a horizontal table.
  A+14+10 Force table: Forces on a car on an adjustable inclined plane.
  A+14+15 Precision lever: Balance beam on stand plus weight set.
  A+14+16 A meterstick lever on a free-standing fulcrum with weights.
  A+14+17 Standard pan balance with assorted weights.
  A+14+20Equivalence of tension of spring attached to pole with mass vs mass at both ends.
  A+14+25 Applet: Forces and Motion: Basics - Force, Motion, Friction
  A+14+26 Applet: Forces Exerted on Bridges
  A+14+30 Fan and Sailboat on wheels

Gravitation (A+15)

  A+15+0 The Cavendish experiment: Model and actual apparatus to show.
  A+15+1 Film loop: "The Cavendish experiment", 4:25 min.
  A+15+10 Java Applet Orbiting Bodies
  A+15+30 Film: "The law of gravitation "(Feynman), sound, 56 min.
  A+15+35 Applet: Gravity and Orbits
  A+15+40 Applet: Gravity Force Lab
  A+15+45 Applet: My Solar System
  A+15+50 Drawing Ellipse on Chalkboard

Linear Inertia (A+20)

  A+20+0 Card snapped from under a weight by a leaf spring.
  A+20+5 Tablecloth yanked out from under dishes.
  A+20+10 Breaking thread above and below weight.
  A+20+20 Bed of nails

Rotational Inertia (A+25)

  A+25+0 Two disks, one weighted in center and other on rim, roll down ramp.
  A+25+5 Moment of inertia: Hoop or disk rotated by falling weight.
  A+25+10 Loop the loop: Sphere, hoop, disk rolled down a looped track.
  A+25+15 Rotational Inertia Wands
  A+25+20 Applet: Downhill Racing

Angular Momentum (A+30)

  A+30+0 Minor's apparatus: Movable discs rotated by falling weight.
  A+30+5 Maxwell's wheel: Flywheel with axle, supported on strings or stand.
  A+30+10 Rotational inertia device: Sliding weights on rotating rod.
  A+30+15 Rotating chair with dumbbells or weighted bicycle wheel.
  A+30+20 Maxwell's top, has adjustable center of gravity.
  A+30+25 Large conical aluminum top.
  A+30+30 Gyroscopes; various.
  A+30+35 Sire's Polytrope.
  A+30+40 Film: "Conservation laws in zero G", sound, 14 min..
  A+30+45 Large gyroscope in a suitcase.
  A+30+50 Rotating Platform for Outreach
  A+30+55 Falling Coffee Cup is Arrested by Friction
  A+30+60 Spinning Bicycle Wheel Stays Upright.

Linear Momentum (A+35)

  A+35+0 Balls of equal and unequal mass on strings, separated by a leaf spring.
  A+35+2 Two people in rolling chairs pushing and pulling
  A+35+5 Elastic collisions: Seven steel balls roll on a wooden track.
  A+35+10 Elastic collisions: Five hanging balls and two unequal hanging balls.
  A+35+16 .22 rifle fires vertically, bullet lifts small wood cylinder.
  A+35+17 Ballistic pendulum: Suspended .22 rifle fires into suspended block.
  A+35+18 Inelastic collisions: Another ballistic pendulum.
  A+35+20 Three meter airtrack with gliders that rebound elastically, or stick.
  A+35+25 Plastic pucks on air table.
  A+35+28 Executive size pool table
  A+35+30 Mechanical model of a gas: Vibrating balls strike piston on OHP.
  A+35+35 Airtrack: Long track with two gliders coupled by a spring hoop.
  A+35+40 Train on circular track moves one way and track moves the other.
  A+35+45 Film loop: "Colliding freight cars", 2:45 min.
  A+35+50 Film loop: "Dynamics of a billiard ball", 4:00 min.
  A+35+55 Applet: Collision Lab

Motion in One Dimension (A+37)

  A+37+5 Airtrack: Glider passes "start" and "stop" gates on digital timer.
  A+37+10 Electric winch tows car at constant speed.
  A+37+11 Electric winch tows car at constant speed, then constant acceleration.

Physical Measurements (A+45)

  A+45+0 3"x 4" slides of standards and units and cassette tape of WWV.
  A+45+10 Film: "Powers of ten", sound, 10 min.
  A+45+15 Solids to show; cone, pyramid, icosahedron, etc.
  A+45+20 Wall chart of metric system.

Projectiles (A+50)

  A+50+0 Dropped and shot balls hit bench simultaneously.
  A+50+5 Water projector: Adjustable angle water jet in front of grid.
  A+50+10 Monkey and the hunter.
  A+50+15 Reaction jet: "L" tube rotates as water flows through it.
  A+50+20 Rocket is filled with water and compressed air and launched vertically.
  A+50+25 Carbon dioxide propelled rocket flies across room on wire.
  A+50+26 Carbon dioxide propelled rotational device.
  A+50+27 Rocket using a CO2 Fire Extinguisher: Newton's 3rd Law.
  A+50+35 Ballistics car: Ball ejected from rolling car drops back in.

Rotational Dynamics (A+55)

  A+55+0 "Sweet Spot": Meterstick pivot point changes with point struck.
  A+55+5 Rolling spool: String on spool is pulled at various angles.
  A+55+10 Cycloid disk draws path on chalkboard.

Statics and Mechanical Equilibrium (A+60)

  A+60+0 Meterstick suspended in mid-air by horizontal strings and weights.
  A+60+5 Force on hinged beam measured with transducer.
  A+60+10 Forces on crane boom measured with transducer.
  A+60+15 Two transducers measure forces from centered hanging mass.
  A+60+16 Same as A+60+15, but mass in different position.
  A+60+20 Car hangs balanced by forces in mid-air over removable inclined plane.
  A+60+25 Disk (weighted off-center) rolls up inclined plane.
  A+60+30 Irregular shapes to determine center of mass using plumb bob.
  A+60+32 Center of gravity (toy) objects.
  A+60+35 Static equilibrium for a rope on a spool. Same as A+55+5.
  A+60+37 Rotation about the center of mass: Object to throw.
  A+60+40 Anatomical models: Skull, Arm, Leg
  A+60+45 Center of mass of a baseball bat
  A+60+50 Applet: Motion of the Center of Mass
  A+60+55 Stacking Blocks Extend Over Base

Torque (A+65)

  A+65+0 Twisting a rod with one end fixed and the other hung with weights.
  A+65+10 Torque wrench to demonstrate.
  A+65+15 Applet: Balancing Act
  A+65+20Various Levers Set Out for Display

Vectors (A+70)

  A+70+0 X,Y,Z-coordinate system with vector arrows.
  A+70+5 Vector arrows of various sizes and colors fit in wooden bases.
  A+70+10 Relative velocity: Three electric cars on tracks make chalk line.
  A+70+20 Rope with slug(unit of mass) in center is lifted from ends.
  A+70+25 Film loop: "Vector addition: Velocity of a boat", 3:35 min.
  A+70+30 Applet: Ship Traveling in a Current

Mechanical Advantage (A+80)

  A+80+10 Pulley sets.
  A+80+20 Chain hoist.
  A+80+30 Block and tackle.
  A+80+40 Block and tackle: Bosun's chair.