Forces (A+14)

  A+14+0 Weight on a vertical spring with markers on stand.
  A+14+1 Block pulled horizontally by a spring.
  A+14+5 Force table: Forces on a car on a horizontal table.
  A+14+10 Force table: Forces on a car on an adjustable inclined plane.
  A+14+15 Precision lever: Balance beam on stand plus weight set.
  A+14+16 A meterstick lever on a free-standing fulcrum with weights.
  A+14+17 Standard pan balance with assorted weights.
  A+14+20Equivalence of tension of spring attached to pole with mass vs mass at both ends.
  A+14+25 Applet: Forces and Motion: Basics - Force, Motion, Friction
  A+14+26 Applet: Forces Exerted on Bridges
  A+14+30 Fan and Sailboat on wheels