Conservation of Energy (A+5)

  A+5+0 Ball on string mounts on blackboard and pivots on lower rod.
  A+5+5 The Trebuchet
  A+5+10 Equal path lengths ball race.
  A+5+15 Brachistochrone: Three balls falling along different trajectories.
  A+5+20 Bowling ball pendulum swings back to nose.
  A+5+25 Film loop: "Conservation of energy: Pole vault", 3:55 min.
  A+5+26 Java applet: Conservation of energy skate park, movable tracks
  A+5+27 Java Applet: Conservation of energy skate park, various graphical representations
  A+5+28 Java Applet: Racing balls along different tracks
  A+5+29 Java Applet: "Mass-spring oscillator with optional energy graphs"