Refraction and Reflection (E+60)

  E+60+0 Displacement of a beam passing through a thick plate of glass.
  E+60+2 Indices of Refraction: glass in glycerin and phantom crystals.
  E+60+5 Total internal reflection/critical angle: Nakamura water tank.
  E+60+10 Rainbow: Refraction of white light by a liquid sphere.
  E+60+15 Light pipes and fiber optic flashlight.
  E+60+17 Water fiber optic
  E+60+20 Flexible light pipe using arc lamp.
  E+60+25 Fiber optic cable transmits picture from slide to video monitor.
  E+60+30 Microwave analogy of the light pipe using flexible metal tubing.
  E+60+35 Reflection of microwaves off an aluminum plate.
  E+60+40 Variable index of refraction: laser beam bends in water tank with sugar.
  E+60+45 Applet: Reflection of a sin wave
  E+60+50 Applet: Bending light
  E+60+55 Applet: Refraction and Reflection
  E+60+60 Applet: Specular and Diffuse Reflection
  E+60+65 Applet: Refraction of Light
  E+60+70 Applet: Reflection and Refraction
  E+60+75 Applet: Physics of Rainbows
  E+60+80 Applet: The world above the water, as seen by a fish
  E+60+85 Applet: Diopter: a study of refraction
  E+60+90 Applet: Spherical surface: a study of refraction
  E+60+95 Primary and Secondary Bow of a Rainbow
  E+60+100 Applet: Zen Photon Garden