Vibrational Modes (B+55)

  B+55+0 Film loop: "Vibrations of a metal plate", 3:45 min.
  B+55+1 Film loop: "Vibrations of a drum", 3:25 min.
  B+55+5 Chladni's disc: Bowed disk forms patterns in sprinkled salt.
  B+55+7 Chladni's Figures: Vibrational modes of a metal plate
  B+55+10 Large glass bowl with ping pong balls and violin bow.
  B+55+15 Young's modulus rod: Hammer and rod with nodes marked.
  B+55+20 Longitudinal wave apparatus: Ball bounces off end of stroked rod.
  B+55+25 Kundt's tube: Powder in tube shows standing waves.
  B+55+30 Applet: Vibrational Modes of a Circular Membrane
  B+55+35 Applet: Hotel webcam of pool during California Eartquake 2010
  B+55+40 Applet: Vibrational Modes of a Rectangular Membrane