Standing Waves/Resonance (B+50)

  B+50+0 Applet: Group Velocity Demonstration
  B+50+2 Applet: Fourier Synthesis
  B+50+4 Applet: Superposition of waves
  B+50+5 Model of longitudinal standing wave, hand-cranked.
  B+50+10 Rope and strobe: Transverse standing waves, motor driven.
  B+50+15 Reuben's tube: Standing sound waves in flames along a large pipe.
  B+50+20 Set of eight organ pipes to make a major scale.
  B+50+25 Tunable organ pipe.
  B+50+30 Set of ten suspended metal rods struck with a wooden mallet.
  B+50+35 Xylophone.
  B+50+45 Unbalanced spinning wheel vibrates spring steel reeds.
  B+50+50 Sonometer: Resonant chamber with bowed strings (2).
  B+50+55 Torison wave model.
  B+50+65 Applet: Standing Waves
  B+50+60 Applet: Longitudinal and Transverse Wave Motion
  B+50+75 Applet: Longitudinal Waves - 1
  B+50+70 Applet: Transverse and Longitudinal waves
  B+50+80 Applet: Standing logitudinal waves
  B+50+85 Applet: Standing Wave (Explanation by Superposition with the Reflected Wave)
  B+50+90 Driven standing waves with different mass/unit length strings.