Timed free fall: Ball drops 2 meters through electronic timing gate.

With the Digital Timer on, power is delivered to the electromagnet, holding the steel ball. 1.) If the 'start' button is pushed, the ball is dropped and the #2 photogate measures the time it takes for the ball to fall to gate #2. (Gate #1 is not used.) 2.) If the black 'magnet off' button is pushed, Photogate #1 is activated when the ball passes gate #1. Photogate #2 measures the time it takes for the ball to go between photogates #1 and #2. If h = 1 meter t = .452 sec. If h = 2 meter t = .639 sec.
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this is a staff comment

Hi- If this is too hard to setup without the rotating stage, just let me know. Also, can I find that the demos can often block the board. Can we put it at the end of the last table (right side when facing the board) to have the least interference? Thanks Marjorie

Hi- I know that these vertical demos can sometimes block the board. Can we put this one on the far right hand side (when facing the board) so as to block as little as possible? Thanks Marjorie