Waves (B)

Chaotic Oscillations (B+5)

  B+5+0 Chaotic pendulum.
  B+5+5 Applet: Chaotic Pendulum

Simple Harmonic Motion (B+10)

  B+10+0 Mass on a spring.
  B+10+1 Simple pendulum: Ball on a string.
  B+10+2 Torsion pendulum with removable weights.
  B+10+3 Compound pendulum: Meterstick with movable brass weight.
  B+10+5 Large torsion pendulum with different diameter rods.
  B+10+10 Physical pendulum: Steel bar with two pivot points.
  B+10+15 Ball rolling in a spherical dish on OHP.
  B+10+20 Large damped oscillator (mass on spring) with various damping disks.
  B+10+25 Clock spring oscillator: Electrically driven and damped.
  B+10+30 Damped oscillations: Flat steel spring with removable weights.
  B+10+35 Lissajous figures with laser and two signal generators.
  B+10+37 Lissajous Figures created with a two tuning forks with mirrors
  B+10+40 Transparencies: Lissajous figures for OHP.
  B+10+45 Java Applet: Simple Harmonic Motion & Uniform Circular Motion
  B+10+50 Ball on turntable rotates beneath synchronized pendulum .
  B+10+55 Java Applet: A-vector and V-vector arrows
  B+10+60 Tuning forks, various.
  B+10+65 Pocket watch with mirror and laser twitches with balance wheel motion.
  B+10+70 Four pendulums on rod: Same mass, different lengths.
  B+10+72 Four pendulums on rod: Same length, different masses.
  B+10+75 Inverted pendulum.
  B+10+80 Twelve pendulums: same mass, different lengths
  B+10+85 Applet: Masses and Springs
  B+10+86 Applet: Pendulum Lab
  B+10+87 Applet: Simple Harmonic Motion with and without Damping
  B+10+88 Applet: Lissajous Figures

Coupled Harmonic Oscillators (B+15)

  B+15+0 Two large pendulums coupled with spring.
  B+15+1 Three large pendulums coupled with two springs.
  B+15+5 Wilberforce pendulum: Oscillates between rotation and up-down.
  B+15+10 Two pendulums on a frame of flexible steel.
  B+15+15 Two balls hung on the same string, one in middle, one at the end.
  B+15+20 5 metronomes on board and cans synch their oscillations
  B+15+25 Applet: Normal Modes
  B+15+26 Coupled Oscillations Simulation

Forced Oscillations/Resonance (B+20)

  B+20+0 Driven harmonic oscillator: Motor driven mass on spring.
  B+20+5 Clock spring oscillator: Electrically driven and damped.
  B+20+10 Damped oscillations in a resonant LCR circuit on an oscilloscope.
  B+20+15 One tuning fork with tuned cavity, drives another.
  B+20+20 Film : "Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse",silent, 4 min.
  B+20+25 Set of three coupled inverted pendulums on wood base.
  B+20+30 Beaker is broken by sound from speaker.
  B+20+35 Driven oscillations in a multiple spring-mass system.
  B+20+40 Video: Slow Motion of Shattering Wine Glass
  B+20+41 Video: Shattering Wine Glass : 0:42 min

Travelling Waves (B+25)

  B+25+0 Transverse wave model, hand-cranked.
  B+25+1 Transverse 3-dimensional wave model, hand-cranked.
  B+25+5 Longitudinal wave model, hand-cranked.
  B+25+10 Rubber rope stretched across front of room.
  B+25+15 Brass spring on white plastic sheet.
  B+25+20 Suspended slinky on threads for compression wave.
  B+25+25 Mechanical water wave model, hand-cranked.
  B+25+30 Torsional wave device, large or small.
  B+25+35 Applet: Longitudinal and Transverse Wave Motion
  B+25+36 Applet: Longitudinal Waves
  B+25+37 Applet: Dispersion Applets

Superposition : Fourier Principles/Complex Waves (B+30)

  B+30+0 Fourier synthesis.
  B+30+1 Transparencies: Fourier superpositions.
  B+30+5 Fourier decomposition: microphone and oscilloscope.
  B+30+10 Applet: Fourier Synthesis
  B+30+11 Applet: superposition

Interference (B+35)

  B+35+0 Large wood model of a double slit with hinged waves.
  B+35+5 Acoustic interference with Quincke (trombone) tube and sonalert.
  B+35+10 Interference of sound waves from two speakers, same generator.
  B+35+12 Interference between two ultrasound sources (40 kHz).
  B+35+15 Interference in a ripple tank uses arc lamp or incandescent light.
  B+35+20 Beats with tuning forks on tuned cavities.
  B+35+25 Beats with two beer bottles blown manually.
  B+35+30 Beats from two speakers observed on an oscilloscope.
  B+35+35 Appet: Ripple Tank Simulation
  B+35+40 Applet: Pinicple of Superposition (1)
  B+35+45 Applet: Principle of Superposition (2)
  B+35+50 Applet: Traveling Waves and Superposition -- Exercise Set 2
  B+35+55 Applet: Stationary wave
  B+35+60 Applet: Superposition of waves
  B+35+65 Applet: Wave workshop
  B+35+70 Applet: 2-D Wave Simulation
  B+35+75 Applet: 3-D Wave Simulation
  B+35+80 Applet: Sound Wave Interference

Sound Spectrum/Sources (B+45)

  B+45+0 Steel spring pendulum, inverted, vibrates at 10 Hz.
  B+45+5 Giant tuning fork, barely audible, displayed with stroboscope.
  B+45+10 Ultrasound transducers (40 kHz) as both sources and receivers.
  B+45+15 Bell ringing in a jar evacuated with pump.
  B+45+20 Savart's wheel: Toothed wheel and cardboard or air jet.
  B+45+25 Siren: large, electric motor driven.
  B+45+30 Compressed air jet blows through spinning disk with holes.
  B+45+32 Twirling Tube
  B+45+35 Sprockets on shaft rotate against a card to make sound.
  B+45+40 Caruga horn: Varigated tube to blow through
  B+45+42 Hoot Tube
  B+45+45 Galton's whistle: Compressed air whistle.
  B+45+50 Helmholtz resonators drive radiometer vanes, using tuning forks.
  B+45+51 Helmholtz Resonators with tuning forks and a candle
  B+45+55 Casio electronic synthesizer with amp and speaker.
  B+45+60 Applet: Vibrational Behavior of an Empty Beer Bottle
  B+45+65 Applet: Vibrational Modes of a Tuning Fork

Standing Waves/Resonance (B+50)

  B+50+0 Applet: Group Velocity Demonstration
  B+50+2 Applet: Fourier Synthesis
  B+50+4 Applet: Superposition of waves
  B+50+5 Model of longitudinal standing wave, hand-cranked.
  B+50+10 Rope and strobe: Transverse standing waves, motor driven.
  B+50+15 Reuben's tube: Standing sound waves in flames along a large pipe.
  B+50+20 Set of eight organ pipes to make a major scale.
  B+50+25 Tunable organ pipe.
  B+50+30 Set of ten suspended metal rods struck with a wooden mallet.
  B+50+35 Xylophone.
  B+50+45 Unbalanced spinning wheel vibrates spring steel reeds.
  B+50+50 Sonometer: Resonant chamber with bowed strings (2).
  B+50+55 Torison wave model.
  B+50+65 Applet: Standing Waves
  B+50+60 Applet: Longitudinal and Transverse Wave Motion
  B+50+75 Applet: Longitudinal Waves - 1
  B+50+70 Applet: Transverse and Longitudinal waves
  B+50+80 Applet: Standing logitudinal waves
  B+50+85 Applet: Standing Wave (Explanation by Superposition with the Reflected Wave)
  B+50+90 Driven standing waves with different mass/unit length strings.

Vibrational Modes (B+55)

  B+55+0 Film loop: "Vibrations of a metal plate", 3:45 min.
  B+55+1 Film loop: "Vibrations of a drum", 3:25 min.
  B+55+5 Chladni's disc: Bowed disk forms patterns in sprinkled salt.
  B+55+7 Chladni's Figures: Vibrational modes of a metal plate
  B+55+10 Large glass bowl with ping pong balls and violin bow.
  B+55+15 Young's modulus rod: Hammer and rod with nodes marked.
  B+55+20 Longitudinal wave apparatus: Ball bounces off end of stroked rod.
  B+55+25 Kundt's tube: Powder in tube shows standing waves.
  B+55+30 Applet: Vibrational Modes of a Circular Membrane
  B+55+35 Applet: Hotel webcam of pool during California Eartquake 2010
  B+55+40 Applet: Vibrational Modes of a Rectangular Membrane

Speed of Sound (B+60)

  B+60+0 Speed of sound in air: Speaker resonates air column over water.
  B+60+5 Measurement of speed of sound with microphone, speaker, oscilloscope.

Doppler Shift (B+65)

  B+65+0 Sonalert swung on the end of a string.
  B+65+10 Film loop: "Doppler effect", 3:45 min.
  B+65+15 Applet: Doppler Effect
  B+65+20 Applet: Observe the change in a star's spectrum as its motion changes.
  B+65+25 Search: Black Body
  B+65+30 Applet: Doppler Shift
  B+65+35 Applet: The Doppler Effect and Sonic Booms
  B+65+40 Applet: An Example of Doppler Effect

Shock Waves (B+67)

  B+67+0 Whip
  B+67+5 Film loop: "Formation of shock waves", 3:45 min.
  B+67+10 Applet: Bauer & Westfall

Music and the Ear (B+70)

  B+70+0 Ear models.
  B+70+5 Film: "The Piano", sound, 27 min.
  B+70+10 Applet: Fourier Synthesis