Force on current carrying wire in a magnetic field

The light bulb in this demo has a flexible, moveable, (and rather fragile) non-magnetic filament. The bulb can be powered by 110 volts, DC or AC. The bulb appears the same brightness for DC and AC voltages. When the switch is flipped to the DC position, a current in the filament creates a stationary magnetic field. Placing a neodymium magnet about an inch away either deflects or attracts the filament (depending on which pole of the magnet is facing the filament). When the switch is in the AC position, the current in the filament oscillates 60 times a second, creating a magnetic field that oscillates 60 times a second. Placing the magnet about an inch away causes the flexible filament to bend quickly back and forth at 60 times a second. Essentially it is a `light bulb electric motor.' NOTE: When the bulb is powered by AC, do not hold the magnet closer than an inch for more than about a second at a time. The filament is fragile and easily broken. Thanks
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