Magnetic Fields (D+30)

  D+30+0 Suspended magnetic lodestone on string.
  D+30+1 Large compass needle on stand.
  D+30+2 Dip needle compass.
  D+30+4 Earth model with internal magnet and pivoting probe magnet.
  D+30+6 Iron filings and permanent magnets to show field on an OHP.
  D+30+8 Compass needle shows field around a high current wire on bench top.
  D+30+10 Iron filings around a high current vertical wire on OHP to show field.
  D+30+12 Iron filings around a current carrying coil on OHP to show field.
  D+30+14 Magnetic field around a solenoid with pivoting probe magnet.
  D+30+16 Ampere's law: Currents in parallel wires attract or repel.
  D+30+18 Force on a current carrying wire in a magnetic field.
  D+30+20 Elementary motor: Bar on rails over solenoid with core.
  D+30+22 Torque on coil suspended between two magnets.
  D+30+24 Vacuum tube with screen shows cathode rays bent with a magnet.
  D+30+25 Elementary motor: De La Rive Tube.
  D+30+26 E/M tube: Circular bending of an electron beam in a magnetic field.
  D+30+28 Hall effect: Magnetic field induces a voltage in a neon plasma.
  D+30+35 Applet: Magnet and Compass
  D+30+40 Applet: Magnets and Electromagnets
  D+30+45 Applet: Current Loop
  D+30+50 Applet: Force on Moving Charges
  D+30+55 Applet: Magnetostatics Index
  D+30+60 Applet: Magnetic Field
  D+30+65 Applet: 3-D Magnetostatic Field Simulation
  D+30+30 Force on current carrying wire in a magnetic field