Photoelectric Effect (F+15)

  F+15+0 UV light hits charged zinc plate and discharges electroscope.
  F+15+5 Light through different filters into phototube changes current.
  F+15+10 Phototube circuit allows current flow in one direction only.
  F+15+15 EMF generated by phototube using halogen light source.
  F+15+20 Commercial solar cell spins propeller using halogen light source.
  F+15+25 Light hits diode,causes current flow. Uses arc lamp.
  F+15+30 NPN junction as a phototransistor amplifier.
  F+15+35 Recording modulates laser beam which hits solar cell and amplifier.
  F+15+40 Film loop: Photoelectric effect, 4:02 min.
  F+15+45 Applet: Conductivity
  F+15+50 Applet: Davisson-Germer: Electron Diffraction
  F+15+55 Applet: Photoelectric Effect