Electrostatics (D+10)

  D+10+0 Electric fields: Lines of force shown on an OHP.
  D+10+2 Transparency: Mapping of an electric field.
  D+10+4 Pith balls on thread, with positive and negative charged rods.
  D+10+6 Attraction and repulsion of charged styrofoam balls.
  D+10+8 Braun and Leaf electroscopes.
  D+10+9 Discharging an electroscope through ionization
  D+10+10 Faraday's ice pail: Charge induced on the outside of a pail.
  D+10+11 Alternate charge resides on outside of conductor
  D+10+12 Charge resides on the outside of a conductor.
  D+10+13 Faraday cage: blocks signal from portable radio
  D+10+14 Charging an electroscope by induction.
  D+10+16 Separation of charge using electrical tape and an electroscope.
  D+10+18 Electrophorous: Cat fur on teflon, acetate on lucite.
  D+10+20 Van de Graaff generator.
  D+10+22 Wimshurst machine, large or small.
  D+10+24 Electrostatic pinwheel:Van de Graaff makes pinwheel spin.
  D+10+26 Various Leyden jars to show.
  D+10+28 Electrostatic doorbell: Ball bangs between charged plates.
  D+10+30 Kelvin water drop electrostatic charge generator.
  D+10+35 Electric field created by Van de Graff splits ions in flame
  D+10+40 Applet: Charges and Fields
  D+10+45 Applet: Electric Field Hockey
  D+10+50 Applet: Electric Field of Dreams
  D+10+55 Applet: John Travoltage
  D+10+60 Applet: Balloons and Static Electricity
  D+10+65 Applet: 3D Electrostatic Field Simulation
  D+10+75 Applet: Field and potential produced by point charges
  D+10+80 Applet: Electrostatics Visualizations - The Charged Metal Slab
  D+10+85 Applet: Electric Field
  D+10+90 Electrostatics Index
  D+10+95 Applet: Electrostatics Simulation
  D+10+100 Applet: 2-D Electrostatic Field Simulation
  D+10+105 Applet: 3-D Electrostatic Field Simulation