Color Perception (E+5)

  E+5+0 Standard color blindness tests and box of colored yarns.
  E+5+5 Red, green, blue light on three-sided rotatable pyramid.
  E+5+10 Newton's color disk: When rotated,appears white.
  E+5+15 Three-color projector for additive color mixing with arc lamp.
  E+5+20 Arc light spectrum recombined with concave mirror on lucite rod.
  E+5+25 Cyan, magenta, and yellow filters mix subtractively on OHP.
  E+5+30 Arc light spectrum with various filters.
  E+5+35 Rotating disk with black and white lines makes color illusion.
  E+5+40 Purkinje effect: At low intensity, blue is more visible than red.
  E+5+45 Two slides plus red and green light gives full color illusion.
  E+5+50 Applet: Color Vision
  E+5+55 Applet: Optical Illusions
  E+5+60 Applet: Additive Color