Mirrors (E+40)

  E+40+0 Arc lamp and mirror on large disk rotate showing beam angles.
  E+40+5 Blackboard optics: Light sources with plane and curved mirrors.
  E+40+10 Phantom lightbulb: Image in a plane mirror.
  E+40+15 Hand held plane mirror and right angle mirror.
  E+40+20 Variable angle mirror assembly with candle.
  E+40+21 Barbershop mirrors:Parallel mirrors with light bulb.
  E+40+25 Retrodirective reflector: Silvered right angle prism, using laser.
  E+40+30 Reflections from concave and convex mirrors with lighted arrow.
  E+40+35 Phantom bouquet: Real image from a concave mirror.
  E+40+40 Clam shell mirrors: Floating coin illusion.
  E+40+41 Concave mirrors focus candle flame on thermopile across bench. (same as 650)
  E+40+42 Light the Match (same as C+65+2).
  E+40+44 Applet: Thin Lens (converging/diverging lens/mirrors)
  E+40+46 Applet: Plane Mirror
  E+40+48 Applet: Spherical mirror: study of stigma
  E+40+50 Applet: The Newton telescope
  E+40+52 Applet: The Cassegrain telescope