Spectral Energy (E+65)

  E+65+0 IR source illuminates audience viewed with CCD TV camera in dark room.
  E+65+5 Crooke's radiometer with flashlight or IR source.
  E+65+10 Detection of the IR, visible, and UV spectra using arc lamp.
  E+65+12 FLIR T200 Infrared camera
  E+65+15 Concave mirrors and horn thermopile senses candle across room.
  E+65+20 Measurement of light intensity: Footcandle meter.
  E+65+25 As light bulb filament increases temp. its spectrum shifts red to blue.
  E+65+30 UV light causes mineral and fabric samples to fluoresce different colors.
  E+65+35 Applet: Blackbody Spectrum