Properties of Heat and Matter (C)

Weather and the Atmosphere (C+0)

  C+0+0 Humidity: Hygrometers to show.

Calorimetry (C+5)

  C+5+0 Computer demo: Nesting can calorimeter, runs 3 min.
  C+5+5 Applet: Energy Forms and Changes

Carnot Cycle (C+10)

  C+10+0 Carnot cycle models: Piston/cylinder, PVT surface.
  C+10+5 Mechanical model of a gas: Vibrating balls strike piston on OHP.
  C+10+10 Film loop: "Properties of a gas", 3:18 min.

Conduction (C+15)

  C+15+0 Copper/wood cylinder wrapped with paper over bunsen burner.
  C+15+1 Boiling water in paper cup; cup does not burn.
  C+15+2 Copper gauze over flame; gas burns only above gauze.
  C+15+03 Set of metal rods: Heat-sensitive paint changes color.
  C+15+4 Computer demo: Conductivity (see C+15+3), runs 5 min.

Convection (C+20)

  C+20+0 Heat water in "O" shaped tube adding a dye.
  C+20+5 Crooke's radiometer with flashlight, arc lamp or IR source.
  C+20+10 Cardboard strip drawn from glass tube extinguishes candle.
  C+20+15 Hot air balloon: Dry cleaner bag over Bunsen burner rises to ceiling.
  C+20+20 Applet: Balloons & Buoyancy

Engines and Pumps (C+22)

  C+22+0 Engine models: Steam, 4-cycle Otto.
  C+22+5 Model of an air pump.
  C+22+10 Operating Sterling cycle engine, gas powered.
  C+22+15 Operating Sterling cycle engine, hot water powered.
  C+22+20 Applet: Otto Engine
  C+22+25 Applet: Carnot Circle

Fluid Dynamics (C+25)

  C+25+0 Flettner rotorcar blown with fan.
  C+25+2 Smoke Ring Generator
  C+25+4 Airzooka
  C+25+5 Bernoulli's principle: Ball suspended in air stream.
  C+25+10 Glass standpipes: Water flows through tube, heights vary.
  C+25+11 Glass standpipes with a constriction. Similar to C+25+10.
  C+25+15 Glass aspirator: Compressed air draws colored water up glass tube.
  C+25+16 Compressed air through funnel sucks in ball.
  C+25+17 Compressed air attracts card with pin to holder.
  C+25+20 Venturi meter: Manometer tubes on tapered wind tunnel tube.
  C+25+25 Pitot tube inserted in wind stream with manometer indicator.
  C+25+75Extreme Spin on Launched Ball
  C+25+30 Two roof models, hinged, placed in wind stream.
  C+25+80Faucet for demonstration
  C+25+35 Video camera shows fluid flow around various objects.
  C+25+40 Water in vertical standpipe with holes at different heights.
  C+25+45 Hydraulic ram water pump, working model.
  C+25+50 A water vortex in two soda bottles joined vertically.
  C+25+55 A vortex tube seperates compressed air into jets of hot and cold air.
  C+25+60 Applet: Fluid Pressure and Flow
  C+25+65 Applet: Vector Fields
  C+25+70 Applet: Faraday's Law

Surface Tension and Capillary Action (C+27)

  C+27+0 Set of capillary tubes and dye on video camera.
  C+27+5 Various bubble frames.
  C+27+10 Soap boat or camphor boats in one meter square pan of water.
  C+27+20 Wire sieve boat floats on water until alcohol is added.
  C+27+30 Superhydrophobic surfaces
  C+27+35 One balloon inflates another

Fluid Statics (C+30)

  C+30+0 Revolving 'drumhead' with manometer shows pressure in water tank.
  C+30+5 Magdeburg's hemispheres(cast iron) evacuated, can't be separated.
  C+30+10 Hydraulic jack with pressure gauge, breaks 2"x 2" piece of wood.
  C+30+15 Archimedes' principle: Cup and plug on balance beam.
  C+30+17 Archimedes' principle: weighing beakers in water.
  C+30+20 Archimedes' principle: Fish submerged in water on balance beam.
  C+30+25 Archimedes' principle: Aluminum and brass cylinders.
  C+30+30 Film loop: "Archimedes' principle", 3:40 min.
  C+30+35 Cartesian divers: Pressure on cap sends divers sinking.
  C+30+40 Torricelli Barometer: Column of mercury in bell jar.
  C+30+45 Large model of aneroid barometer.
  C+30+50 Pascal's vases: Water in removable vases with pressure gauge.
  C+30+52 Interconnected set of glass vases of different shapes.
  C+30+53 Interconnected tube with immiscible liquids.
  C+30+55 Working model of the lung: Balloons in a bell jar over a diaphragm.
  C+30+60 Suction cup holds large mass suspended from heavy glass plate.
  C+30+62 Mat held down by atmospheric pressure.
  C+30+65 Collapse 1 gallon metal can with vacuum pump.
  C+30+68 Vacuum Cannon
  C+30+70 The weight of air.
  C+30+75 Vacuum hoist, working model.
  C+30+80 Inversion table and blood pressure monitor
  C+30+85 Applet: Buoyancy
  C+30+90 Applet: Density
  C+30+95 Applet: Fluid Pressure and Flow
  C+30+100 Applet: Buoyant Force
  C+30+105 Applet: More Buoyancy
  C+30+110 Illustration of buoyancy and drag force

Heat and Work (C+35)

  C+35+0 Mechanical equivalent of heat: Aluminum cylinder, crank, rope with 5 kg weight and large LED display.

Heat Capacity (C+40)

  C+40+0 Ball race: Five different balls heated and placed on paraffin sheet.

Heat of Fusion (C+45)

  C+45+0 Computer demo: Heat of fusion of tin.
  C+45+5 Applet: States of Matter: Basics

Irreversibility and Fluctuations (C+50)

  C+50+0 Java Applet: Gas mixing simulation
  C+50+5 Black balls and white balls in a box are shaken.
  C+50+10 Film loop: "Reversibility of time", 3:40 min.
  C+50+15 Film: "Symmetry in physical law" (Feynman), sound, 57 min.
  C+50+20 Film: "Distinction of past and future "(Feynman), sound, 46 min.
  C+50+25 Film: "Probability and uncertainty "(Feynman), sound, 56 min.
  C+50+30 Drum in glycerine rotates to smear line of dye into a plane and back.

Kinetic Theory and Gas Models (C+55)

  C+55+0 Mechanical model of a gas: Vibrating balls on OHP.
  C+55+5 Hexstat probability device.
  C+55+10 Mechanical model of a gas: Vibrating balls strike piston on OHP.
  C+55+15 Brownian motion: Smoke particles viewed using TV camera.
  C+55+20 Brownian motion: Like C+55+0, with an aluminum disk added.
  C+55+25 Stoekle's apparatus: Heated tube with mercury and glass bits.
  C+55+30 Ruchardt's tube: Ball oscillates in a vertical glass tube on jug.
  C+55+35 Diffusion of Ammonia and HCl.
  C+55+40 Osmosis of helium through semi-porous cup.
  C+55+45 Viscosity of air: One rotating disk drives another.
  C+55+55 Breathe helium, voice pitch rises; breathe SF6, voice pitch lowers.
  C+55+60 Equipartition of Energy: Different mass balls bounce out at different times.
  C+55+65 Applet: Gas Properties
  C+55+70 Applet: A molecular explanation of pressure
  C+55+75 Applet: Brownian motion
  C+55+85 Applet: Maxwell's Demon

Liquification of a Gas (C+60)

  C+60+0 Hydraulic pump liquifies CO2 gas in glass column.
  C+60+5 LN2 demos: pewter bell and spring, color change tube, LN2 cannon.
  C+60+10 Film: "Unusual properties of liquid helium", sound, 16 min.
  C+60+15 Pewter bell rings true after submersion in liquid Nitrogen.

Molecular Models and Crystal Structure (C+62)

  C+62+0 Molecular models, ball and stick.
  C+62+5 Film: "Bubble model of a metal", silent, 11 min.
  C+62+10 Wave surfaces of crystals.
  C+62+15 Model of calcite crystal.
  C+62+20 Assorted crystals to show.
  C+62+25 Wall chart of periodic table.

Radiation (C+65)

  C+65+0 Concave mirrors focus candle flame on thermopile across bench.
  C+65+2 Light the Match.
  C+65+5 Computer demo: Kirchhoff's radiation law, runs 15 min.
  C+65+10 Large transformer heats metal strip with chalk marks on it.
  C+65+15 Crooke's radiometer with flashlight, arc lamp or IR source.
  C+65+20 Box with white interior appears black from hole in the side.
  C+65+25 FLIR T200 Infrared camera
  C+65+30 Applet: The Greenhouse Effect
  C+65+35 Applet: Radiating Charge
  C+65+40 Applet: Blackbody Spectrum
  C+65+45 Applet: Synchrotron Radiation
  C+65+50 Applet: Blackbody Radiation
  C+65+55 Applet: Plank Radiation Formula
  C+65+60 Applet: Electrodynamics Simulation
  C+65+65 Applet: Antenna Simulation

Temperature and Expansion (C+70)

  C+70+0 Galileo's air thermometer forces liquid down when heated.
  C+70+5 Heated iron wire stretches, rotates pointer.
  C+70+6 Heated horizontal nichrome wire stretches, weight sags.
  C+70+10 Heated steel rod expands, raises pointer,breaks pin on cooling.
  C+70+15 Ring and ball: Ball fits through ring only after ring is heated.
  C+70+20 Ice bomb: Iron sphere ruptured by freezing water.
  C+70+22 Heating a rubber band: negative coefficient of thermal expansion
  C+70+25 Cubic coefficient of expansion: Dissectable wooden cube.
  C+70+30 Steam gun: Friction heated water in tube shoots a cork.
  C+70+32 LN2 in a model cannon shoots a cork.
  C+70+35 Bimetallic strip: Brass/invar strip curves when heated.
  C+70+40 Bimetallic switch: Change in temperature lights cold/hot lamps.
  C+70+45 Franklin's pulse glass: Two glass bulbs and tube containing ether.
  C+70+47 Dippy bird: Large glass bird containing ether oscillates.
  C+70+50 Piston and cylinder compress/expand air measuring temp. and pressure.
  C+70+55 Fire syringe: paper is ignited in a cylinder with a piston.
  C+70+60 CO2 fire extinguisher: Expanding gas freezes into snow.
  C+70+65 Cooling by expansion: Jar with water compressed with air.
  C+70+70 Hot water geyser, runs 5-10 min.
  C+70+75 Boyle's Law: At constant T, Pressure times Volume is a constant.
  C+70+80 Gay-Lussac's Law: At constant V, Pressure is proportional to Temperature.
  C+70+85 Charles' Law: At constant P, Volume is proportional to Temperature.
  C+70+90 Grain Silo explosion: A cloud of power is ignited and blows lid off of can.

Thermometry (C+75)

  C+75+0 Measurement of temperature: Various types of thermometers.
  C+75+5 Transparency: Comparison of F deg , C deg , and K temperature scales.
  C+75+10 Transparency: Chronological history of the concepts of heat.
  C+75+15 Galileo's air thermometer forces liquid down when heated.
  C+75+20 Liquid Crystals: sheet changes colors with body temperature.

Triple Point (C+80)

  C+80+0 Triple Point: Cooled water in sealed cell exhibits all three phases.
  C+80+2 Freezing liquid Nitrogen.
  C+80+5 Triple Point demo: Water boils under vacuum making ice.
  C+80+10 P.V.T. surface model for water.
  C+80+15 P.V.T. surface model for carbon dioxide.
  C+80+20 Wall chart of isothermals.

Mechanical Properties of Materials (C+90)

  C+90+0 Elasticity: Balls bouncing on steel or glass cylinder.
  C+90+5 Breaking point of a wire is measured on a spring scale.
  C+90+10 Young's modulus of elasticity: Weight stretches wire.
  C+90+15 Shear: Stack of masonite squares.
  C+90+16 Shear: Foam block.
  C+90+20 Viscosity set: Pistons in oil and water-filled glass tubes.
  C+90+25 Prince Rupert's Drops.
  C+90+30 Applet: Microwaves
  C+90+35 Applet: Molecules and Light