Simple Harmonic Motion (B+10)

  B+10+0 Mass on a spring.
  B+10+1 Simple pendulum: Ball on a string.
  B+10+2 Torsion pendulum with removable weights.
  B+10+3 Compound pendulum: Meterstick with movable brass weight.
  B+10+5 Large torsion pendulum with different diameter rods.
  B+10+10 Physical pendulum: Steel bar with two pivot points.
  B+10+15 Ball rolling in a spherical dish on OHP.
  B+10+20 Large damped oscillator (mass on spring) with various damping disks.
  B+10+25 Clock spring oscillator: Electrically driven and damped.
  B+10+30 Damped oscillations: Flat steel spring with removable weights.
  B+10+35 Lissajous figures with laser and two signal generators.
  B+10+37 Lissajous Figures created with a two tuning forks with mirrors
  B+10+40 Transparencies: Lissajous figures for OHP.
  B+10+45 Java Applet: Simple Harmonic Motion & Uniform Circular Motion
  B+10+50 Ball on turntable rotates beneath synchronized pendulum .
  B+10+55 Java Applet: A-vector and V-vector arrows
  B+10+60 Tuning forks, various.
  B+10+65 Pocket watch with mirror and laser twitches with balance wheel motion.
  B+10+70 Four pendulums on rod: Same mass, different lengths.
  B+10+72 Four pendulums on rod: Same length, different masses.
  B+10+75 Inverted pendulum.
  B+10+80 Twelve pendulums: same mass, different lengths
  B+10+85 Applet: Masses and Springs
  B+10+86 Applet: Pendulum Lab
  B+10+87 Applet: Simple Harmonic Motion with and without Damping
  B+10+88 Applet: Lissajous Figures