Diffraction (E+10)

  E+10+0 Single slit diffraction using laser beam through adjustable slit.
  E+10+5 Laser beam through sets of 1, 2, or multiple electro-formed slits.
  E+10+10 Airy's disk: Pinhole diffraction using laser beam.
  E+10+15 Diffraction about pinhead, razorblade, wood screw using laser.
  E+10+20 Microwave diffraction by a large adjustable iris.
  E+10+25 Microwave zone plates.
  E+10+30 Bragg diffraction using microwaves and steel balls in foam cube.
  E+10+40 Two points of light diffract through an iris, shown with T.V. camera. (RETIRED)
  E+10+45 Limit of resolution: Two small lamps on adjustable slide.
  E+10+46 Limit of Resolution: Blue or Red LEDs that can be brought together
  E+10+50 Poisson's spot: Interference pattern within circular shadow.
  E+10+55 Laser beam diffraction off object and being reassembled
  E+10+60 Applet: Diffraction
  E+10+65 Applet: Single-Slit Difraction