Kinetic Theory and Gas Models (C+55)

  C+55+0 Mechanical model of a gas: Vibrating balls on OHP.
  C+55+5 Hexstat probability device.
  C+55+10 Mechanical model of a gas: Vibrating balls strike piston on OHP.
  C+55+15 Brownian motion: Smoke particles viewed using TV camera.
  C+55+20 Brownian motion: Like C+55+0, with an aluminum disk added.
  C+55+25 Stoekle's apparatus: Heated tube with mercury and glass bits.
  C+55+30 Ruchardt's tube: Ball oscillates in a vertical glass tube on jug.
  C+55+35 Diffusion of Ammonia and HCl.
  C+55+40 Osmosis of helium through semi-porous cup.
  C+55+45 Viscosity of air: One rotating disk drives another.
  C+55+55 Breathe helium, voice pitch rises; breathe SF6, voice pitch lowers.
  C+55+60 Equipartition of Energy: Different mass balls bounce out at different times.
  C+55+65 Applet: Gas Properties
  C+55+70 Applet: A molecular explanation of pressure
  C+55+75 Applet: Brownian motion
  C+55+85 Applet: Maxwell's Demon