S+30+635mm slides for astronomy.
  G+6"Plum pudding": Corks with magnets float in bowl/solenoid on OHP.
  A+6+9"Sweet Spot": Meterstick pivot point changes with point struck.
  A+0+22 Inclined airtrack with gliders and timing gates.
  A+0+23 Inclined airtrack: Cart and ball accelerate in unison.
  A+0+31 Swinging mass M lifts mass 2M
  A+0+65 Film: "Conservation laws in zero G", sound, 14 min.
  A+0+70 Film loop: "Inertial forces: Centripetal acceleration", 3:15 min.
  A+0+75 Film loop: "Inertial forces:Translational acceleration", 2:05 min.
  A+0+81 Java Applet "Moving ladybug shows vectors of motion"
  A+0+82 Java Applet "Ladybug on Carousel shows vectors of motion"
  A+0+83 Java Applet "Moving dot shows vectors of velocity and acceleration"
  A+0+84 Java Applet "The Moving Man"
  A+0+85 Java Applet "Moving car with graphed position to show linear sinusoidal motion"
  A+0+86 Film Loop: "Worlds largest vacuumn chamber does coin and feather, 4:41 min"
  A+0+90Fallling Slinky's bottom stationary until top reaches it
  A+5+5 The Trebuchet
  A+5+25 Film loop: "Conservation of energy: Pole vault", 3:55 min.
  A+5+26 Java applet: Conservation of energy skate park, movable tracks
  A+5+27 Java Applet: Conservation of energy skate park, various graphical representations
  A+5+28 Java Applet: Racing balls along different tracks
  A+5+29 Java Applet: "Mass-spring oscillator with optional energy graphs"
  A+10+0 Film: "Frames of reference", sound, 28 min.
  A+10+5Projectile Launched Over Moving Reference Frame
  A+10+40 Film loop: "Galilean relativity I", ball dropped from mast of ship,2:55min.
  A+10+45 Film loop:"Galilean relativity II", object dropped from aircraft, 3:40 min.
  A+10+50 Film loop: "Galilean relativity III", projectile fired vertically, 3:00 min.
  A+10+55 Film loop: "A matter of relative motion", 3:40 min.
  A+10+60 Film: "Slinky Drop at Turkey Creek" 3:14 min
  A+12+11 Java Applet "Forces and Motion on Horizontal Plane"
  A+12+12 Java Applet "Forces and Motion on Inclined Ramp"
  A+12+13 Java Applet "Molecular model of Friction"
  A+12+14 Java Applet "Inclined plane with adjustable friction and vectors shown"
  A+14+17 Standard pan balance with assorted weights.
  A+14+20Equivalence of tension of spring attached to pole with mass vs mass at both ends.
  A+14+25 Applet: Forces and Motion: Basics - Force, Motion, Friction
  A+14+26 Applet: Forces Exerted on Bridges
  A+14+26 Applet: Forces in 1 Dimension
  A+14+30 Fan and Sailboat on wheels
  A+15+10 Java Applet Orbiting Bodies
  A+15+30 Film: "The law of gravitation "(Feynman), sound, 56 min.
  A+15+35 Applet: Gravity and Orbits
  A+15+40 Applet: Gravity Force Lab
  A+15+45 Applet: My Solar System
  A+15+50 Drawing Ellipse on Chalkboard
  A+25+15 Rotational Inertia Wands
  A+25+20 Applet: Downhill Racing
  A+30+40 Film: "Conservation laws in zero G", sound, 14 min..
  A+30+50 Rotating Platform for Outreach
  A+30+55 Falling Coffee Cup is Arrested by Friction
  A+30+60 Spinning Bicycle Wheel Stays Upright.
  A+35+45 Film loop: "Colliding freight cars", 2:45 min.
  A+35+50 Film loop: "Dynamics of a billiard ball", 4:00 min.
  A+35+55 Applet: Collision Lab
  A+37+10 Electric winch tows car at constant speed.
  A+45+0 3"x 4" slides of standards and units and cassette tape of WWV.
  A+45+20 Wall chart of metric system.
  A+50+15 Reaction jet: "L" tube rotates as water flows through it.
  A+60+16 Same as A+60+15, but mass in different position.
  A+60+50 Applet: Motion of the Center of Mass
  A+60+55 Stacking Blocks Extend Over Base
  A+65+15 Applet: Balancing Act
  A+65+20Various Levers Set Out for Display
  A+70+30 Applet: Ship Traveling in a Current
  A+80+20 Chain hoist.
  B+5+5 Applet: Chaotic Pendulum
  B+10+3 Compound pendulum: Meterstick with movable brass weight.
  B+10+25 Clock spring oscillator: Electrically driven and damped.
  B+10+35 Lissajous figures with laser and two signal generators.
  B+10+37 Lissajous Figures created with a two tuning forks with mirrors
  B+10+40 Transparencies: Lissajous figures for OHP.
  B+10+45 Java Applet: Simple Harmonic Motion & Uniform Circular Motion
  B+10+65 Pocket watch with mirror and laser twitches with balance wheel motion.
  B+10+80 Twelve pendulums: same mass, different lengths
  B+10+85 Applet: Masses and Springs
  B+10+86 Applet: Pendulum Lab
  B+10+87 Applet: Simple Harmonic Motion with and without Damping
  B+10+88 Applet: Lissajous Figures
  B+15+20 5 metronomes on board and cans synch their oscillations
  B+15+25 Applet: Normal Modes
  B+15+26 Coupled Oscillations Simulation
  B+20+40 Video: Slow Motion of Shattering Wine Glass
  B+20+41 Video: Shattering Wine Glass : 0:42 min
  B+25+35 Applet: Longitudinal and Transverse Wave Motion
  B+25+36 Applet: Longitudinal Waves
  B+25+37 Applet: Dispersion Applets
  B+30+1 Transparencies: Fourier superpositions.
  B+30+10 Applet: Fourier Synthesis
  B+30+11 Applet: superposition
  B+35+12 Interference between two ultrasound sources (40 kHz).
  B+35+35 Appet: Ripple Tank Simulation
  B+35+40 Applet: Pinicple of Superposition (1)
  B+35+45 Applet: Principle of Superposition (2)
  B+35+50 Applet: Traveling Waves and Superposition -- Exercise Set 2
  B+35+55 Applet: Stationary wave
  B+35+60 Applet: Superposition of waves
  B+35+65 Applet: Wave workshop
  B+35+70 Applet: 2-D Wave Simulation
  B+35+75 Applet: 3-D Wave Simulation
  B+35+80 Applet: Sound Wave Interference
  B+45+0 Steel spring pendulum, inverted, vibrates at 10 Hz.
  B+45+25 Siren: large, electric motor driven.
  B+45+32 Twirling Tube
  B+45+40 Caruga horn: Varigated tube to blow through
  B+45+45 Galton's whistle: Compressed air whistle.
  B+45+51 Helmholtz Resonators with tuning forks and a candle
  B+45+60 Applet: Vibrational Behavior of an Empty Beer Bottle
  B+45+65 Applet: Vibrational Modes of a Tuning Fork
  B+50+0 Applet: Group Velocity Demonstration
  B+50+2 Applet: Fourier Synthesis
  B+50+4 Applet: Superposition of waves
  B+50+60 Applet: Longitudinal and Transverse Wave Motion
  B+50+65 Applet: Standing Waves
  B+50+75 Applet: Longitudinal Waves - 1
  B+50+70 Applet: Transverse and Longitudinal waves
  B+50+80 Applet: Standing logitudinal waves
  B+50+85 Applet: Standing Wave (Explanation by Superposition with the Reflected Wave)
  B+50+90 Driven standing waves with different mass/unit length strings.
  B+55+0 Film loop: "Vibrations of a metal plate", 3:45 min.
  B+55+1 Film loop: "Vibrations of a drum", 3:25 min.
  B+55+20 Longitudinal wave apparatus: Ball bounces off end of stroked rod.
  B+55+25 Kundt's tube: Powder in tube shows standing waves.
  B+55+30 Applet: Vibrational Modes of a Circular Membrane
  B+55+35 Applet: Hotel webcam of pool during California Eartquake 2010
  B+55+40 Applet: Vibrational Modes of a Rectangular Membrane
  B+65+10 Film loop: "Doppler effect", 3:45 min.
  B+65+15 Applet: Doppler Effect
  B+65+20 Applet: Observe the change in a star's spectrum as its motion changes.
  B+65+25 Search: Black Body
  B+65+30 Applet: Doppler Shift
  B+65+35 Applet: The Doppler Effect and Sonic Booms
  B+65+40 Applet: An Example of Doppler Effect
  B+67+5 Film loop: "Formation of shock waves", 3:45 min.
  B+67+10 Applet: Bauer & Westfall
  B+70+5 Film: "The Piano", sound, 27 min.
  B+70+10 Applet: Fourier Synthesis
  C+5+5 Applet: Energy Forms and Changes
  C+10+10 Film loop: "Properties of a gas", 3:18 min.
  C+20+20 Applet: Balloons & Buoyancy
  C+22+5 Model of an air pump.
  C+22+20 Applet: Otto Engine
  C+22+25 Applet: Carnot Circle
  C+25+2 Smoke Ring Generator
  C+25+4 Airzooka
  C+25+25 Pitot tube inserted in wind stream with manometer indicator.
  C+25+75Extreme Spin on Launched Ball
  C+25+80Faucet for demonstration
  C+25+45 Hydraulic ram water pump, working model.
  C+25+55 A vortex tube seperates compressed air into jets of hot and cold air.
  C+25+60 Applet: Fluid Pressure and Flow
  C+25+65 Applet: Vector Fields
  C+25+70 Applet: Faraday's Law
  C+27+30 Superhydrophobic surfaces
  C+27+35 One balloon inflates another
  C+30+30 Film loop: "Archimedes' principle", 3:40 min.
  C+30+75 Vacuum hoist, working model.
  C+30+85 Applet: Buoyancy
  C+30+90 Applet: Density
  C+30+95 Applet: Fluid Pressure and Flow
  C+30+100 Applet: Buoyant Force
  C+30+105 Applet: More Buoyancy
  C+30+110 Illustration of buoyancy and drag force
  C+45+5 Applet: States of Matter: Basics
  C+50+15 Film: "Symmetry in physical law" (Feynman), sound, 57 min.
  C+50+20 Film: "Distinction of past and future "(Feynman), sound, 46 min.
  C+50+25 Film: "Probability and uncertainty "(Feynman), sound, 56 min.
  C+55+65 Applet: Gas Properties
  C+55+70 Applet: A molecular explanation of pressure
  C+55+75 Applet: Brownian motion
  C+55+85 Applet: Maxwell's Demon
  C+60+10 Film: "Unusual properties of liquid helium", sound, 16 min.
  C+60+15 Pewter bell rings true after submersion in liquid Nitrogen.
  C+60+20Pressure Chamber for Demonstrating the Critical Temperature and Opalescence
  C+62+5 Film: "Bubble model of a metal", silent, 11 min.
  C+62+10 Wave surfaces of crystals.
  C+62+15 Model of calcite crystal.
  C+62+20 Assorted crystals to show.
  C+62+25 Wall chart of periodic table.
  C+65+5 Computer demo: Kirchhoff's radiation law, runs 15 min.
  C+65+30 Applet: The Greenhouse Effect
  C+65+35 Applet: Radiating Charge
  C+65+40 Applet: Blackbody Spectrum
  C+65+45 Applet: Synchrotron Radiation
  C+65+50 Applet: Blackbody Radiation
  C+65+55 Applet: Plank Radiation Formula
  C+65+60 Applet: Electrodynamics Simulation
  C+65+65 Applet: Antenna Simulation
  C+70+30 Steam gun: Friction heated water in tube shoots a cork.
  C+70+45 Franklin's pulse glass: Two glass bulbs and tube containing ether.
  C+70+90 Grain Silo explosion: A cloud of power is ignited and blows lid off of can.
  C+75+10 Transparency: Chronological history of the concepts of heat.
  C+75+20 Liquid Crystals: sheet changes colors with body temperature.
  C+80+15 P.V.T. surface model for carbon dioxide.
  C+80+20 Wall chart of isothermals.
  C+90+20 Viscosity set: Pistons in oil and water-filled glass tubes.
  C+90+25 Prince Rupert's Drops.
  C+90+30 Applet: Microwaves
  C+90+35 Applet: Molecules and Light
  D+0+5 Force on a dielectric in a capacitor
  D+0+18 Capacitors with a series neon bulb on A.C. and D.C.
  D+0+20 Capacitor in series in an audio circuit: High pass filter.
  D+0+26 Capacitor in parallel in a D.C. circuit.
  D+0+32 Same as D+0+30 using speaker for audio tone generation.
  D+0+35 Applet: Capacitor Lab
  D+0+40 Applet: Circuit Construction Kit (AC+DC), Virtual Lab
  D+0+45 Applet: Water Droplets in Electric Field
  D+0+50 Applet: RC Circuits
  D+0+55 Applet: CR Filter's Response (Analog)
  D+5+0 Resonance in a series LCR circuit using 120 v.a.c.
  D+5+1 LCR paradox
  D+5+4 High frequency filtering using a capacitor and inductor.
  D+5+6 Crystal radio circuit for AM reception.
  D+5+14 Standing waves on two parallel wires, with 510 transmitter.
  D+5+16 Lodge's experiment: Spark gap radio transmitter and receiver.
  D+5+18 3 cm. microwave klystron oscillator with cavity and waveguides.
  D+5+20 3 cm. microwave transmitter and receiver.
  D+5+22 Magnetron assembly to show.
  D+5+26 Standing waves (micro or sound) in an adjustable cavity.
  D+5+28 AM and FM Demonstration(minimum 24 hr notice required).
  D+5+36 Applet: Radiating Charge
  D+5+38 Applet: Radio Waves & Electromagnetic Fields
  D+5+40 Applet: Electrodynamics Simulation
  D+5+42 Applet: Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
  D+5+44 Applet: The Field of a Moving Charge
  D+5+46 Applet: Antenna Simuulation
  D+10+9 Discharging an electroscope through ionization
  D+10+11 Alternate charge resides on outside of conductor
  D+10+40 Applet: Charges and Fields
  D+10+45 Applet: Electric Field Hockey
  D+10+50 Applet: Electric Field of Dreams
  D+10+55 Applet: John Travoltage
  D+10+60 Applet: Balloons and Static Electricity
  D+10+65 Applet: 3D Electrostatic Field Simulation
  D+10+75 Applet: Field and potential produced by point charges
  D+10+80 Applet: Electrostatics Visualizations - The Charged Metal Slab
  D+10+85 Applet: Electric Field
  D+10+90 Electrostatics Index
  D+10+95 Applet: Electrostatics Simulation
  D+10+100 Applet: 2-D Electrostatic Field Simulation
  D+10+105 Applet: 3-D Electrostatic Field Simulation
  D+15+12 Back EMF in a series DC motor with large flywheel.
  D+15+22 Skin effect: Metal sheet shielding varies with frequency.
  D+15+45 Magnet inserted and withdrawn from copper ring causes ring to swing.
  D+15+50 Applet: Faraday's Electromagnetic Lab
  D+15+55 Applet: Faraday's Law
  D+15+60 Applet: Genereator
  D+15+65 Applet: The Falling Ring with Finite Resistance
  D+15+70 Applet:Visualizing Electricity and Magnetism at MIT
  D+15+75 Applet: Light Index
  D+20+5 Applet: Circuit Construction Kit (AC+DC), Virtual Lab
  D+20+10 Applet: Molecular Expressions Electricity and Magnetism
  D+20+15 Applet: Inductance
  D+25+5 Applet: RLC Circuits (DC)
  D+25+10 Applet: RLC Circuits (AC)
  D+25+15 Applet: Circuit Simulator
  D+30+35 Applet: Magnet and Compass
  D+30+40 Applet: Magnets and Electromagnets
  D+30+45 Applet: Current Loop
  D+30+50 Applet: Force on Moving Charges
  D+30+55 Applet: Magnetostatics Index
  D+30+60 Applet: Magnetic Field
  D+30+65 Applet: 3-D Magnetostatic Field Simulation
  D+35+2 Making a magnet by electromagnetic induction.
  D+35+6 Barkhausen effect: Magnet and coil with soft iron core.
  D+35+15 Mass Driver
  D+35+16 One of These Balls is Not Like the Other
  D+35+20 Curie Temperature
  D+40+0 Tangent galvanometer: Compass needle pivots in a coil.
  D+40+2 Elementary galvanometer: Coil on spring in magnetic field.
  D+40+4 Mavometer: Ammeter / voltmeter / galvanometer
  D+40+6 Various meters for display.
  D+40+8 Ammeter shunt: Only a small current flows to the meter.
  D+40+10 Applet: Circuit Construction Kit (AC+DC), Virtual Lab
  D+45+4 AC induction motor: Armature in a whirling field.
  D+45+8 Elementary motor: Magnet, wire and battery make a simple motor.
  D+45+10 Elementary motor: Magnets and battery and copper coil make a simple motor.
  D+45+11 Simple Motor Rolls Straight and in Circle
  D+45+12 Applet: AC circuits: alternating current electricity
  D+55+13 Same as D+55+12 using speaker for audio tone generation.
  D+55+16 Film: "Elementary electricity", sound; 8 min.
  D+55+20 Applet: Battery-Resistor Circuit
  D+55+22 Applet: Conductivity
  D+55+24 Applet: Kirchhoff's Rules (Circuit 2)
  D+55+28 Applet: Circuit Construction Kit (AC+DC), Virtual Lab
  D+55+30 Applet: Ohm's Law
  D+55+32 Applet: Resistance at the Molecular Level
  D+55+34 Applet: Edison Elephant
  D+55+36 Applet: Paul Nord
  D+60+2 P-N Junction as a rectifier: Diode bridge rectifies AC voltage.
  D+60+4 Photoelectric effect: Light on P-N junction causes current flow.
  D+60+6 Several commercial solar cells.
  D+60+12 Applet: Fermi Level, Fermi Function and Electron Occupancy of Localized Energy States
  D+60+14 Applet: Fermi Level vs. Carrier Concentration and Doping of Donor and Acceptor Impurities
  D+65+0 Edison effect: Electrons are cast off from hot filament.
  D+70+0 Thermocouple and thermopile, both make electricity from heat.
  D+70+2 Thermocouple magnet: Flame with water cooling holds weight.
  D+70+4 Thermocouple magnet: Flame with ice bath, holds weight.
  D+70+8 Peltier junction: Forward current freezes water drop, reverse boils.
  D+80+6 Storage cell: Gotham cell is charged up and rings a bell.
  E+5+5 Red, green, blue light on three-sided rotatable pyramid.
  E+5+20 Arc light spectrum recombined with concave mirror on lucite rod.
  E+5+30 Arc light spectrum with various filters.
  E+5+35 Rotating disk with black and white lines makes color illusion.
  E+5+40 Purkinje effect: At low intensity, blue is more visible than red.
  E+5+45 Two slides plus red and green light gives full color illusion.
  E+5+50 Applet: Color Vision
  E+5+55 Applet: Optical Illusions
  E+5+60 Applet: Additive Color
  E+10+25 Microwave zone plates.
  E+10+46 Limit of Resolution: Blue or Red LEDs that can be brought together
  E+10+60 Applet: Diffraction
  E+10+65 Applet: Single-Slit Difraction
  E+15+1 Reflection grating with arc lamp.
  E+15+12 Wall chart of mercury spectrum.
  E+15+13 Applet: transmission and absorption spectra of all the elements
  E+15+30 Applet: Neon Lights & Other Discharge Lamps
  E+15+35 Applet: Tim's Grating
  E+20+0 Films: "Laser light", U of Utah, sound, 38 min.; "Introduction to Holography",sound, 17 min.; "Introduction to Lasers", sound, 17 min.
  E+25+35 Same as E+25+30, using Hall's prism.
  E+25+50 Laser projected through Fabry-Perot interferometer shows pattern.
  E+25+65 Microwave interference by multiple reflection.
  E+25+75 Applet: Michelson-Morley Experiment
  E+25+80 Applet: Interference of Waves
  E+25+85 Applet: Double slit experiment
  E+25+90 Applet: Interference of Light at a Double Slit
  E+30+35 Pincushion and barrel distortion of lenses using arc lamp.
  E+30+40 Cylindrical aberration: Wooden model.
  E+30+50 Galilean telescope: similar to E+30+45.
  E+30+60 Lantern slide projector with removable housing.
  E+30+70 Applet: Geometric Optics
  E+30+75 Applet: Thin Lens
  E+30+80 Applet: Two thin lenses
  E+30+85 Applet: Spherical Thin Lens in Gauss' Condition
  E+30+90 Applet: Auto-colimation Method
  E+30+95 Applet: Bessel Method
  E+30+100 Applet: Badal Method
  E+30+105 Applet: Vision Corrections
  E+30+110 Applet: Setting the reticulated bezel
  E+30+115 Applet: Astronomical Telescope
  E+30+120 Applet: Galileo's Telescope
  E+30+125 Applet: The Microscope
  E+35+0 Color by reflected and transmitted light, using gold leaf.
  E+40+0 Arc lamp and mirror on large disk rotate showing beam angles.
  E+40+41 Concave mirrors focus candle flame on thermopile across bench. (same as 650)
  E+40+44 Applet: Thin Lens (converging/diverging lens/mirrors)
  E+40+46 Applet: Plane Mirror
  E+40+48 Applet: Spherical mirror: study of stigma
  E+40+50 Applet: The Newton telescope
  E+40+52 Applet: The Cassegrain telescope
  E+45+0 Two picket fence sections with slats and rope to make waves.
  E+45+15 Sunset: solution in tank scatters blue light, using arc lamp.
  E+45+15 Polarization of light by internal reflection: Fresnel rhomb.
  E+45+20 Polarization of light through a pile of glass plates, using arc lamp.
  E+45+30 Plaster models of positive and biaxial crystals.
  E+45+40 Light through polaroid and calcite, using arc lamp.
  E+45+45 Model of a calcite crystal.
  E+45+50 Light through Nicol prism and Nicol analyzer, using arc lamp.
  E+45+55 Quartz prisms give a single and double spectrum, using arc lamp.
  E+45+65 Optical rotation of polarized light by sugar solution, using arc lamp.
  E+45+70 Optical rotation by sugar solution produces barber pole, using arc lamp.
  E+45+75 Mechanical model to show circular polarization; hand-cranked.
  E+45+80 Circular polarization with quarter wave plate, using arc lamp.
  E+45+85 Circular polarization of microwaves by elliptical metal tube.
  E+45+90 Circular polarization of microwaves: With reflector and grids.
  E+45+100 10_ retarder plate makes dark bands in spectrum, using arc lamp.
  E+45+110 Visible nodes and antinodes in linearly birefringent plexiglass rod.
  E+45+115 Applet: Polarization of Light (3-D Version)
  E+50+35 Binoculars and Porro prisms to show.
  E+50+40 Applet: The Prism
  E+55+0 Inverse square law: Light bulb in wire frame.
  E+55+5 He-Ne laser compared to non-coherent red light bulb.
  E+55+15 Applet: Electric Field Lines around an Oscillating Charge
  E+55+20 Applet: Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
  E+55+25 Applet: Synchrotron Radiation
  E+55+30 Applet: Fermat's Principle
  E+55+35 Applet: Radiation Pressure
  E+60+20 Flexible light pipe using arc lamp.
  E+60+25 Fiber optic cable transmits picture from slide to video monitor.
  E+60+30 Microwave analogy of the light pipe using flexible metal tubing.
  E+60+35 Reflection of microwaves off an aluminum plate.
  E+60+45 Applet: Reflection of a sin wave
  E+60+50 Applet: Bending light
  E+60+55 Applet: Refraction and Reflection
  E+60+60 Applet: Specular and Diffuse Reflection
  E+60+65 Applet: Refraction of Light
  E+60+70 Applet: Reflection and Refraction
  E+60+75 Applet: Physics of Rainbows
  E+60+80 Applet: The world above the water, as seen by a fish
  E+60+85 Applet: Diopter: a study of refraction
  E+60+90 Applet: Spherical surface: a study of refraction
  E+60+95 Primary and Secondary Bow of a Rainbow
  E+60+100 Applet: Zen Photon Garden
  E+65+15 Concave mirrors and horn thermopile senses candle across room.
  E+65+20 Measurement of light intensity: Footcandle meter.
  E+65+35 Applet: Blackbody Spectrum
  F+0+10 Vacuum tube with paddlewheel spins from cathode ray impact.
  F+0+15 Braun tube (CRT) with magnetic and electrostatic deflection.
  F+5+5 X-rays ionize electrode and discharge electroscope.
  F+5+10 X-ray beam through cloud chamber shown on TV camera
  F+10+5 Film: Matter Waves, sound, 28 min.
  F+15+10 Phototube circuit allows current flow in one direction only.
  F+15+25 Light hits diode,causes current flow. Uses arc lamp.
  F+15+30 NPN junction as a phototransistor amplifier.
  F+15+40 Film loop: Photoelectric effect, 4:02 min.
  F+15+45 Applet: Conductivity
  F+15+50 Applet: Davisson-Germer: Electron Diffraction
  F+15+55 Applet: Photoelectric Effect
  F+18+0 Film: "Photons", sound, 19 min..
  F+18+5 Film: "Interference of photons", sound 13 min.
  F+20+10 Model of the nucleus: Steel balls in plastic dish on OHP.
  F+20+15 Film: "Rutherford atom", sound, 40 min.
  F+20+40 Applet: Build an Atom
  F+20+45 Applet: Models of the Hydrogen Atom
  F+20+50 Applet: Orbits
  F+20+55 Applet: Quarks
  F+20+60 Applet: Atoms and Spectra
  F+20+65 Applet: Elements
  F+20+70 Applet: Electron Configurations
  F+20+75 Applet: Rutherford Scattering
  F+20+80 Applet: Predicted Rutherford Scattering from a Thomson Atom
  F+25+10 Java applets: Quantum Properties
  F+30+5 Applet: Schordinger wave equation
  F+30+10 Applet: Large Hadron Rap
  F+35+0 Fundamental particle and interaction chart.(LBL)
  F+45+0 Expansion cloud chamber with water and compression bulb.
  F+45+5 Wilson cloud chamber, piston compression type.
  F+45+15 Cloud chamber shows X-rays: Same as F+5+10.
  F+55+0 Film: "Franck-Hertz experiment", sound, 30 min.
  F+60+5 Applet: Space-Time Physics
  F+60+10 Applet: Special Relativity and clocks
  F+60+15 Applet: Light Clock
  F+65+0 Scintillation counter using Geiger tube.
  F+65+20 Film loop: "Radioactivity", 4:00 min.
  F+65+25 Applet: Alpha Decay
  F+65+30 Applet: Beta Decay
  F+65+35 Applet: Radioactive Dating Game
  F+65+40 Applet: Decay
  F+70+0 Large mechanical model of the cyclotron.
  F+70+5 Applet: Cyclotron
  F+80+10 Applet: Nuclear Fission
  F+80+15 Applet: Nuclear Decay
  F+95+5 Applet: Laser
  F+95+10 Applet: Molecular Motor
  F+95+15 Applet: Optical Tweezers and Applications
  F+95+20 Applet: The Laser
  F+95+25 Applet: Laser Fundamentals
  F+100+0Fuel cell car runs off hydrogen and oxygen.
  F+105+0 Applet: Band Structure
  F+105+5 Applet: Double Wells and Covalent Bonds
  F+105+10 Applet: Quantum Bound States
  F+105+15 Applet: Quantum Tunneling and Wave Packets
  F+105+20 Applet: Quantum Wave Interference
  F+105+25 Applet: Quantum Physics Online
  F+105+30 Applet: Hydrogen Atom Orbital
  F+105+35 Applet: Molecular Orbital
  F+105+40 Applet: 1-Dimensional Particle States
  F+105+45 Applet: 1-Dimensional Radiative Transitions
  F+105+50 Applet: Atomic Dipole Transitions
  F+105+55 Applet: 2-Dimensional Rectangular Box
  F+105+60 Applet: 2-Dimensional Circular Box
  F+105+65 Applet: 2-Dimensional Harmonic Oscillator
  F+105+70 Applet: Rigid Rotor
  F+105+75 Applet: 3-Dimensional Harmonic Oscillator
  G+0+5 Applet: Planetary Motion
  G+0+10 Applet: Kepler's Laws Demonstrations
  G+0+15 Applet: Projectile Orbits and Satellite orbits
  G+0+20 Applet: Newton's Canon Animation
  G+0+25 Applet: SSC, Orbit
  G+0+30 Applet: Observe the change in a star's spectrum as its motion changes
  G+0+35 Applet: Kepler's Second Law
  G+0+40 Applet: Moon
  G+0+45 Applet: Kepler Motion
  G+0+50 Applet: Shoot a cannonball into orbit!
  G+5+15 Gravitational lens model.
  G+5+20 Applet: Cosmos Scale
  G+5+25Cut out pie pan demonstrates path when centripetal force disappears
  G+50+5 Shepard Tones: repeating tones appear to continuously ascend or descend
  G+55+0 Revolving window illusion.
  G+55+5 Rotating disk and strobe demonstration.
  G+55+10 Optical illusion posters.
  G+55+15 Phantom Bouquet: Real image from a concave mirror.
  G+55+20 Clam shell mirrors: Floating coin illusion.
  G+55+25 Indices of Refraction: glass in glycerin and phantom crystals.
  G+60+5 Pulfrich Effect: Pendulum and polaroid experiment.
  G+60+10 Limit of resolution: Two movable pin-points of light.
  G+60+15 Limit of audibility: Set of rods that ring at different frequencies.
  G+60+20 Set of color blindness cards.
  G+60+25 Rotating disk with black and white lines makes color illusion.
  G+60+30 Purkinje effect: At low intensity, blue is more visible than red.
  G+60+35 Two sides plus red and green light gives full color illusion.