Computer demo: Kirchhoff's radiation law, runs 15 min.

Computer Demo: Kirchhoff's radiation law, runs 15 minutes. In this experiment, three aluminum cans of the same mass but different outer surfaces are each filled with 100 ml of water. They are then put on a hot plate and the water is brought up to boiling. The cans are removed from the heat, and the computer plots the cooling curves. The plot takes 15 minutes. Can #1 has a mirror surface and is red on the graph. Can #2 is flat black and is green on the graph. Can #3 is wrapped with mylar tape and is white on the graph. Each can has a temperature sensor within. The black can (#2) cools the fastest. The mylar can (#3)cools the next fastest. The silver can (#1) cools the slowest. RADIATION.
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