Film: "The law of gravitation "(Feynman), sound, 56 min.

Film: THE LAW OF GRAVITATION,AN EXAMPLE OF PHYSICAL LAW. This is one of 7 lectures given at Cornell Un. in 1964 by Prof. Feynman, physicist, Cal Tech., a Nobel laureate noted for his ability to present his highly technical subject Color: No Sound: Yes Length(min.): 56 to nonphysicists in a lively and easily understandable way. His lectures-intended to penetrate the forbidding barriers of scientific discourse and describe the fundamental laws of physics in terms laymen can comprehend- are diresct and straightforward, filled with clear,often humorous analogies. They appeal to anyone, regardless of his or her scientific background, who is interested in nature. BBC production. Feynman discusses athe law of gravitation as an example of a physical law. Beginning with the work of Kepler, Galileo, and Newton, Feynman relates the history of the law of gravity. He talks about the manner in which gravity holds an expanding universe together, and he discusses its range of application and its limitations.
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