Elementary motor: Magnets and battery and copper coil make a simple motor.

Two strong magnets (Neodymium) are attached to the plus and minus ends of a AA battery. The magnets have N poles either facing or opposing. This assembly is then inserted into a coil of bare copper wire. A current flows from the battery through the case of one magnet through the copper wire and then through the next magnet case and then through the other end of the battery. This produces a current that creates a magnet field which is repelled by the magnets, and the wire shoots along the coil.
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The track, magnets, and some A cells are in 54-2 in Pimentel. Rechargable batteries are available in the battery repository in Le Conte and they work well with this demo if fully charged. This coil is fragile, I've made several long ones and they've all been destroyed by rough handling or inappropriate transport. Only lend out short tracks or give extremely careful instructions with any long one.