Curie Temperature

A loop of Nickel Wire is attached to a heavy object by a light string. It is held in mid-air trough attraction to a strong magnet. If the loop is heated with flame from a lighter the internal temperature of the nickel will surpass the Curie temperature of Nickel and the loop will suddenly drop to the ground.
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The premade coil of Nickel wire is in cabinet 46-2-2 in Pimentel and 20-2-1 in Le Conte. I suggest using the black stand alone light shields from 29-3 in Le Conte and 17-3 in Pimentel. Strong magnets are stored in 54-2 in Pimentel and 19-1 in Le Conte. The green thread is heat resistant enough that the nickel drops before the thread burns through, although I'd recommend using a new thread every time.