Set of color blindness cards.

Set of color blindness cards. The Book of Pseudo-Isochromatic Plates has 40 plates. Each plate is composed of grey or green background dots and foreground numbers of red or purple. People with some forms of color blindness can not make out the numbers. Book of Pseudo- Isochromatic Plates (40 plates) PSEUDO-ISOCHROMATIC PLATES FOR TESTING COLOR PERCEPTION American Optical Co.
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If you borrow this you might as well use it to administer color blindness tests. There are some discussions that can be had with participants about the nature of color itself. As always when you present a demo make sure you ask the participants questions before you demonstrate and after. Think about the concepts involved beforehand; having a friend ask you questions about it can be very revealing as to if you understand it well or not. Whenever you ask a question count to five (or at least three) in your head waiting for an answer before you stay anything else.