Demos by PIRA

5A Electrostatics

5A10 Producing Static Charge

  5A10.10Braun and Leaf electroscopes.
  5A10.20Electrophorous: Cat fur on teflon, acetate on lucite.
  5A10.35Separation of charge using electrical tape and an electroscope.

5A20 Coulomb's Law

  5A20.20Pith balls on thread, with positive and negative charged rods.
  5A20.22Attraction and repulsion of charged styrofoam balls.

5A22 Electrostatic Meters

5A30 Conductors and Insulators

5A40 Induced Charge

  5A40.16Charging an electroscope by induction.
  5A40.70Kelvin water drop electrostatic charge generator.

5A50 Electrostatic Machines

  5A50.10Wimshurst machine, large or small.
  5A50.30Van de Graaff generator.

5B Electric Fields And Potential

5B10 Electric Field

  5B10.15Electrostatic pinwheel:Van de Graaff makes pinwheel spin.
  5B30.40Electric field created by Van de Graff splits ions in flame

5B20 Gauss' Law

  5B20.10Faraday's ice pail: Charge induced on the outside of a pail.
  5B20.35Faraday cage: blocks signal from portable radio

5B30 Electrostatic Potential

5C Capacitance

5C10 Capacitors

  5C10.10Various capacitors to show.

5C20 Dielectric

  5C20.10Parallel plate capacitor with dielectric materials and electroscope.
  5C20.21Force on a dielectric in a capacitor

5C30 Energy Stored in a Capacitor

  5C30.10Various Leyden jars to show.
  5C30.30Discharging a capacitor through a lamp.
  5C30.42Series capacitor array.

5D Resistance

5D10 Resistance Characteristics

  5D10.40Resistor analog: Marbles cascading down pin board.

5D20 Resistivity and Temperature

  5D20.15Resistance thermometer: Iron coil in liquid Nitrogen and flame varies current.
  5D20.30Effect of temperature on current in carbon or tungsten filaments.

5D30 Conduction in Solutions

5D40 Conduction in Gases

  5D40.10Same as above: Secondary used for small Jacob's ladder.
  5D40.10Large Jacob's ladder.
  5D40.25Copper nail and iron nail in a lemon using a multimeter.
  5D40.42Edison effect: Electrons are cast off from hot filament.
  5D40.80X-rays ionize electrode and discharge electroscope.

5E Electromotive Force And Current

5E20 Electrolysis

  5E20.10Electrolysis of water produces hydrogen and oxygen.
  5E20.15Bubble Electrolysis.

5E30 Plating

5E40 Cells and Batteries

  5E40.20Gotham cell: Assorted metal electrodes in sulfuric acid bath.
  5E40.60Storage cell: Gotham cell is charged up and rings a bell.

5E50 Thermoelectricity

  5E50.10Thermocouple and thermopile, both make electricity from heat.
  5E50.30Thermocouple magnet: Flame with water cooling holds weight.
  5E50.30Thermocouple magnet: Flame with ice bath, holds weight.
  5E50.60Thermoelectric fan: Fan runs off of hot and cold water.
  5E50.60Peltier junction: Forward current freezes water drop, reverse boils.

5E60 Piezoelectricity

5F DC Circuits

5F10 Ohm's Law

5F15 Power and Energy

  5F15.16Watt's law: Variable resistor, glow coil, volt and amp meter.
  5F15.35High current melts the fuse wire.

5F20 Circuit Analysis

  5F20.55Resistance boards: Series, parallel, Wheatstone bridge.

5F30 RC Circuits

  5F30.12Visual charge/discharge of a capacitor through a load.
  5F30.20Computer demo: Charge/discharge of a capacitor, runs at least 1 min.
  5F30.60Oscillator made with resistor, capacitor and neon lamp.
  5F30.60Same as D+0+30 using oscilloscope to display waveform.
  5F30.60Oscillator with resistor, capacitor and neon lamp.
  5F30.60Same as D+55+12 using oscilloscope to display waveform.

5F40 Instruments

5G Magnetic Materials

5G10 Magnets

  5G10.16Suspended magnetic lodestone on string.
  5G10.20Making small magnets by breaking up a larger magnet.

5G20 Magnet Domains & Magnetization

  5G20.10Barkhausen effect: Magnet and coil with soft iron core.
  5G20.30Barkhausen effect model: Many tiny magnets on pivots on OHP.

5G30 Paramagnetism and Diamagnetism

  5G30.10Para and diamagnetic materials in magnetic field with OHP.
  5G30.10Para and diamagnetic materials in magnetic field with arc lamp.

5G40 Hysteresis

5G45 Magnetostriction and Magnetoresistance

5G50 Temperature and Magnetism

  5G50.50YBaCuO pellet with magnet in liquid nitrogen on TV camera.
  5G50.50YBaCuO pellet with magnet in liquid nitrogen on TV camera.

5H Magnetic Fields And Forces

5H10 Magnetic Fields

  5H10.11Large compass needle on stand.
  5H10.15Dip needle compass.
  5H10.25Compass needle shows field around a high current wire on bench top.
  5H10.30Iron filings and permanent magnets to show field on an OHP.

5H15 Fields and Currents

  5H15.10Iron filings around a high current vertical wire on OHP to show field.
  5H15.10Iron filings around a current carrying coil on OHP to show field.

5H20 Forces on Magnets

  5H20.20Wobbly bar: Magnets in frame balanced by repulsive forces.

5H25 Magnet/Electromagnet Interactions

  5H25.10Tangent galvanometer: Compass needle pivots in a coil.
  5H25.25Linear motor: An iron core jumps into a solenoid.

5H30 Force on Moving Charges

  5H30.10Vacuum tube with screen show cathode rays bent with a magnet.
  5H30.15Vacuum tube with screen shows cathode rays bent with a magnet.
  5H30.21E/M tube: Circular bending of an electron beam in a magnetic field.

5H40 Force on Current in Wires

  5H.40Force on current carrying wire in a magnetic field
  5H40.10Ampere's law: Currents in parallel wires attract or repel.
  5H40.30Force on a current carrying wire in a magnetic field.
  5H40.70Elementary motor: Magnet, wire and battery make a simple motor.
  5H40.71Ammeter shunt: Only a small current flows to the meter.
  5H40.71Elementary motor: Bar on rails over solenoid with core.

5H50 Torques on Coils

5J Inductance

5J10 Self Inductance

  5J10.20Back EMF in a series DC motor with large flywheel.

5J20 LR Circuits

  5J20.10LR time constant: Square wave drives series LR on oscilloscope.

5J30 RLC Circuits DC

5K Electromagnetic Induction

5K10 Induced Currents and Forces

  5K10.10Elementary generator: Bar moved in magnetic field.
  5K10.20Bar magnet induces current in a coil, shown on galvanometer.
  5K10.24Demonstration of dependence of number of coils on induced flux
  5K10.60Earth inductor: Coil spun in Earth's field makes voltage.

5K20 Eddy Currents

  5K20.10Damped pendulum: Swinging metal disks damped in magnetic field.
  5K20.25Eddy currents: Neodymium Magnet Drop.
  5K20.25Eddy currents:Small magnet slowly drops between aluminum rails.
  5K20.30Jumping rings: High current AC coil causes rings to jump.
  5K20.41Levitator: Aluminum dish floats four inches off platform.

5K30 Transformers

  5K30.25Demountable transformer with many secondary coils from 10:1 to 1:46.
  5K30.40Same as above: Secondary used for spot-welding.
  5K30.40Same as above: Secondary used for induction melting.

5K40 Motors and Generators

  5K40.10Rolling bar motor: Same as D+30+ 20.
  5K40.10Elementary split-ring armature DC motor. D+15+6 as a motor.
  5K40.20Generator: Coil with DC commutator rotates between magnets.
  5K40.20Alternator: Coil with AC commutator rotates between magnets.
  5K40.80Hand-cranked DC generator powers 120 volt lamp.
  5K40.80Hand-cranked AC alternator powers 120 volt lamp.

5L AC Circuits

5L10 Impedance

  5L10.10AC dimmer: Soft iron core in coil dims lamps.

5L20 LCR Circuits AC

  5L20.10Phases of V and I in series circuit as RL shifts to RC.
  5L20.11LCR series resonance curve of V vs. F (2 - 20kHz) on an oscilloscope.
  5L20.20Resonance in a series LCR circuit using 120 v.a.c.
  5L20.21LCR paradox

5L30 Filters and Rectifiers

  5L30.10P-N Junction as a rectifier: Diode bridge rectifies AC voltage.
  5L30.10P-N Junction as a rectifier: Current flows one way.

5M Semiconductors And Tubes

5M10 Semiconductors

5M20 Tubes

  5M20.20Vacuum tube with metal cross makes shadow with cathode rays.
  5M20.20Vacuum tube with paddlewheel spins from cathode ray impact.

5N Electromagnetic Radiation

5N10 Transmission Lines and Antennas

  5N10.50Standing waves on two parallel wires, with 510 transmitter.
  5N10.6085 MHz radio transmitter, with indicating lamp on dipole antenna.
  5N10.80Plexiglas model of electromagnetic wave.

5N20 Tesla Coil

  5N20.40Large Tesla coil. 15 inch discharge.

5N30 Electromagnetic Spectrum

  5N30.10Refraction of white light by prism using arc lamp.
  5N30.303 cm. microwave transmitter and receiver.
  5N30.313 cm. microwave klystron oscillator with cavity and waveguides.