Electrostatic pinwheel:Van de Graaff makes pinwheel spin.

Electrostatic pinwheel: Van de Graaff makes pinwheel spin. In 'A', electric charge is transferred via wire from the top metal sphere of the Van de Graaff generator (which is at a high potential) to the metal needle-point stand. On top of the needle point is a three-pronged pinwheel. Charge flows from the stand, through the pinwheel, and is sprayed into the air near each pinwheel prong. The sprayed electrons form a cloud of ions in the air. Each negative pinwheel prong is repelled by its associated negative ion cloud, causing the pinwheel to rotate. Hair: In 'B', colored strips of paper are fastened to the top metal sphere. (In the old days hair was used). When the Van de Graaff is fully charged, each strip of paper gets negatively charged and repells each other strip. The 'hair' stands up and spreads out. Puffed Rice: In 'C', puffed rice is put in a metal pie pan that connects to the top of the metal sphere. When the Van de Graaff charges up, the negatively charged puffed rice jumps out of the negatively charged pan. A candle is also available. The flame on the candle will be attracted to the VDG.
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