Demos by PIRA

5E20 Electrolysis

  5E20.10Electrolysis of water produces hydrogen and oxygen.
  5E20.15Bubble Electrolysis.

5E30 Plating

5E40 Cells and Batteries

  5E40.20Gotham cell: Assorted metal electrodes in sulfuric acid bath.
  5E40.60Storage cell: Gotham cell is charged up and rings a bell.

5E50 Thermoelectricity

  5E50.10Thermocouple and thermopile, both make electricity from heat.
  5E50.30Thermocouple magnet: Flame with water cooling holds weight.
  5E50.30Thermocouple magnet: Flame with ice bath, holds weight.
  5E50.60Thermoelectric fan: Fan runs off of hot and cold water.
  5E50.60Peltier junction: Forward current freezes water drop, reverse boils.

5E60 Piezoelectricity