Demos by PIRA

6A Geometrical Optics

6A01 Speed of Light

6A02 Straight Line Propagation

6A10 Reflection From Flat Surfaces

  6A10.10Blackboard optics: Light sources with plane and curved mirrors.
  6A10.10Blackboard optics: Light sources with lucite lenses.
  6A10.11Arc lamp and mirror on large disk rotate showing beam angles.
  6A10.18Reflection of microwaves off an aluminum plate.
  6A10.40Variable angle mirror assembly with candle.
  6A10.45Barbershop mirrors:Parallel mirrors with light bulb.
  6A10.60Phantom lightbulb: Image in a plane mirror.

6A20 Reflection from Curved Surfaces

  6A20.30Phantom bouquet: Real image from a concave mirror.
  6A20.30Phantom Bouquet: Real image from a concave mirror.
  6A20.35Clam shell mirrors: Floating coin illusion.
  6A20.35Clam shell mirrors: Floating coin illusion.
  6A20.40Reflections from concave and convex mirrors with lighted arrow.
  6A20.60Concave mirrors focus candle flame on thermopile across bench. (same as 650)
  6A20.60Light the Match (same as C+65+2).

6A40 Refractive Index

  6A40.40Variable index of refraction: laser beam bends in water tank with sugar.

6A42 Refraction at Flat Surfaces

  6A42.10Blackboard optics: Light source and lucite prism.

6A44 Total Internal Reflection

  6A44.20Total internal reflection/critical angle: Nakamura water tank.
  6A44.40Light pipes and fiber optic flashlight.
  6A44.40Flexible light pipe using arc lamp.
  6A44.45Water fiber optic
  6A44.68Total internal reflection: 45 deg-45 deg-90 deg prism using arc lamp.

6A46 Rainbow

  6A46.10Rainbow: Refraction of white light by a liquid sphere.

6A60 Thin Lens

  6A60.31Real images: Lighted arrow image and various lenses.

6A61 Pinhole

  6A61.20Image formed by a pinhole using three light bulbs in a box.

6A65 Thick Lens

  6A65.20Large lens shows chromatic aberration on screen using arc lamp.
  6A65.30Pincushion and barrel distortion of lenses using arc lamp.
  6A65.70Fresnel lenses to show.

6A70 Optical Instruments

  6A70.10Compound microscope is assembled from lenses.
  6A70.10Galilean telescope: similar to E+30+45.
  6A70.20Astronomical telescope: Using objective and eyepiece lenses.

6B Photometry

6B10 Luminosity

  6B10.20Inverse square law: Light bulb in wire frame.

6B30 Radation Pressure

6B40 Blackbodies

  6B40.20Box with white interior appears black from hole in the side.
  6B40.41Detection of the IR, visible, and UV spectra using arc lamp.
  6B40.41Detection of the IR, visible, and UV spectra using arc lamp on TV camera.
  6B40.55As light bulb filament increases temp. its spectrum shifts red to blue.

6C Diffraction

6C10 Diffraction Through One Slit

  6C10.10Single slit diffraction using laser beam through adjustable slit.
  6C10.15Two points of light diffract through an iris, shown with T.V. camera. (RETIRED)
  6C10.50Microwave diffraction by a large adjustable iris.

6C20 Diffraction Around Objects

  6C20.10Poisson's spot: Interference pattern within circular shadow.
  6C20.15Diffraction about pinhead, razorblade, wood screw using laser.
  6C20.30Airy's disk: Pinhole diffraction using laser beam.
  6C20.45Microwave zone plates.

6D Interference

6D10 Interference From Two Sources

  6D10.20Microwave interference with single and double slits.

6D15 Interference of Polarized Light

6D20 Gratings

  6D20.10Laser beam through various slit and grating combinations.
  6D20.10Laser beam through sets of 1, 2, or multiple electro-formed slits.
  6D20.15Diffraction patterns of various gratings using He-Ne laser.
  6D20.20Reflection grating with arc lamp.
  6D20.20First and second order transmission gratings, with arc lamp.
  6D20.20Mercury spectrum using slit and grating, includes UV lines.

6D30 Thin Films

  6D30.10Newton's rings by transmission or reflection on arc bench.
  6D30.10Same as E+25+30, using Hall's prism.
  6D30.20Soap film interference: The soap bubble experiment on arc bench.
  6D30.30Thin film interference with optical flats and sodium lamp.
  6D30.40Thin film interference with mercury light on mica sheets.
  6D30.65Oil film interference on water.

6D40 Interferometers

  6D40.10Michelson interferometer fringes with laser or white light.
  6D40.20Microwave interference by multiple reflection.
  6D40.27Lloyd's mirror: Laser beam interferes with reflection from glass.

6F Color

6F10 Synthesis and Analysis of Color

  6F10.16Three-color projector for additive color mixing with arc lamp.
  6F10.20Cyan, magenta, and yellow filters mix subtractively on OHP.
  6F10.25Newton's color disk: When rotated,appears white.
  6F10.30Arc light spectrum recombined with concave mirror on lucite rod.
  6F10.61Color by reflected and transmitted light, using gold leaf.

6F30 Dispersion

  6F30.20Light from arc lamp enters direct view prism emerges as spectrum.

6F40 Scattering

6H Polarization

6H10 Dichroic Polarization

  6H10.20Microwaves with grid. Transmitter and receiver are polarized.
  6H10.30Two picket fence sections with slats and rope to make waves.
  6H10.80Limit of resolution: Two movable pin-points of light.

6H20 Polarization by Reflection

  6H10.10Commercial Polaroid filters on an OHP.
  6H20.20Malus experiment: Polarization by reflection off glass surface.

6H30 Circular Polarization

  6H30.30Optical rotation by sugar solution produces barber pole, using arc lamp.

6H35 Birefringence

  6H30.41Optical rotation of polarized light by sugar solution, using arc lamp.
  6H35.17Visible nodes and antinodes in linearly birefringent plexiglass rod.
  6H35.50Polarized light and stressed lucite on an OHP.
  6H35.52Quartz prisms give a single and double spectrum, using arc lamp.

6H50 Polarization by Scattering

6J The Eye

6J10 The Eye

  6J10.21Model of the eye, with near/far sight lenses, using arc lamp.
  6J10.80Limit of resolution: Two small lamps on adjustable slide. (RETIRED)

6J11 Physiology

  6J11.10Rotating disk with black and white lines makes color illusion.
  6J11.10Rotating disk with black and white lines makes color illusion.
  6J11.52Optical illusion posters.
  6J11.65Pulfrich Effect: Pendulum and polaroid experiment.
  6J11.70Set of color blindness cards.
  6J11.70Standard color blindness tests and box of colored yarns.

6Q Modern Optics

6Q10 Holography

  6Q20.10Laser beam diffraction off object and being reassembled
  6Q10.10Transmission hologram viewed with laser light.
  6Q10.10Reflection hologram viewed with white light.

6Q20 Physical Optics