Demos by PIRA

5L10 Impedance

  5L10.10AC dimmer: Soft iron core in coil dims lamps.

5L20 LCR Circuits AC

  5L20.10Phases of V and I in series circuit as RL shifts to RC.
  5L20.11LCR series resonance curve of V vs. F (2 - 20kHz) on an oscilloscope.
  5L20.20Resonance in a series LCR circuit using 120 v.a.c.
  5L20.21LCR paradox

5L30 Filters and Rectifiers

  5L30.10P-N Junction as a rectifier: Diode bridge rectifies AC voltage.
  5L30.10P-N Junction as a rectifier: Current flows one way.