Demos by PIRA

7B10 Spectra

  7B10.10Hand-held gratings for class to view Hg, Ne discharge tubes.
  7B10.11Arc lamp spectra from NaCl, CaCl2, SrCl soaked rods.

7B11 Absorption

  7B11.10Absorption spectrum of Na using arc lamp, slit and grating.
  7B11.40Arc light spectrum with various filters.

7B13 Resonance Radiation

  7B13.50UV light causes mineral and fabric samples to fluoresce different colors.

7B20 Fine splitting

7B30 Ionization Potential

7B35 Electron Properties

7B50 Atomic Models

  7B50.10Mechanical models of the hydrogen atom.
  7B50.50Wall chart of periodic table.
  7B50.50Wall chart or online applet of periodic table.