Demos by PIRA

7A Quantum Effects

7A10 Photoelectric Effect

  7A10.10UV light hits charged zinc plate and discharges electroscope.
  7A10.35Light through different filters into phototube changes current.
  7A10.40Several commercial solar cells.
  7A10.40Commercial solar cell spins propeller using small arc lamp.
  7A10.40Commercial solar cell spins propeller using halogen light source.
  7A10.43Recording modulates laser beam which hits solar cell and amplifier.

7A15 Millikan Oil Drop

7A20 Compton Effect

7A50 Wave Mechanics

  7A50.20Tunneling:Microwave analogy using wax prisms.

7A55 Particle/Wave Duality

7A60 X-ray and Electron Diffraction

  7A60.10Electron diffraction by aluminum and graphite on CRT.
  7A60.50Bragg diffraction using microwaves and steel balls in foam cube.
  7A60.50Bragg diffraction using microwaves and steel balls in foam cube.

7A70 Condensed Matter

7B Atomic Physics

7B10 Spectra

  7B10.10Hand-held gratings for class to view Hg, Ne discharge tubes.
  7B10.11Arc lamp spectra from NaCl, CaCl2, SrCl soaked rods.

7B11 Absorption

  7B11.10Absorption spectrum of Na using arc lamp, slit and grating.
  7B11.40Arc light spectrum with various filters.

7B13 Resonance Radiation

  7B13.50UV light causes mineral and fabric samples to fluoresce different colors.

7B20 Fine splitting

7B30 Ionization Potential

7B35 Electron Properties

7B50 Atomic Models

  7B50.10Mechanical models of the hydrogen atom.
  7B50.50Wall chart of periodic table.
  7B50.50Wall chart or online applet of periodic table.

7D Nuclear Physics

7D10 Radioactivity

  7D10.10Geiger counter.
  7D10.40Mechanical model of radioactive decay.

7D20 Nuclear Reactions

  7D20.10Mousetrap chain reaction experiment.

7D30 Particle Detectors

  7D30.11Scintillation counter using Geiger tube.
  7D30.50Expansion cloud chamber with water and compression bulb.
  7D30.50Wilson cloud chamber, piston compression type.
  7D30.50Alpha range measured using small cloud chamber.
  7D30.60Cloud chamber with dry ice and alcohol shown on TV camera.
  7D30.70Large mechanical model of the cyclotron.

7D40 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

7D50 Models of the Nucleus

  7D50.10Rutherford scattering model: Steel balls, launcher, and "hill".
  7D50.30"Plum pudding": Corks with magnets float in bowl/solenoid on OHP.

7E Elementary Particles

7E10 Miscellaneous

7F Relativity

7F10 Special Relativity

7F20 General Relativity